30 Minute Treadmill Interval Workout (Speed Ladder)

Now that I’ve made it through my April 10 milers, the next race on my calendar is the Lawyers Have Heart 10K. While I never do particularly well at this race (it’s usually too hot and sunny), I am using it as an excuse to focus on speed work for the next few weeks.

When the rain forced me onto the treadmill earlier this week, I came up with a 30 minute treadmill interval workout based on a speed ladder. This is what I did after my warm-up:

2 min @ 7.1 mph // 1 min @ 6.2 mph
2 min @ 7.1 mph // 1 min @ 6.2 mph
3 min @ 7.1 mph // 1 min @ 6.2 mph
3 min @ 7.1 mph // 1 min @ 6.2 mph
4 min @ 7.1 mph // 1 min @ 6.2 mph
4 min @ 7.1 mph // 1 min @ 6.2 mph
5 min @ 7.1 mph // 1 min @ 6.2 mph

Yowzie! I was dripping with sweat!

Saucony Virrata

(Yep, I’m still wearing my Saucony Virrata for my treadmill workouts!)

I made sure to take time to cool down, stretch, and use my foam roller afterwards, but I still felt like this workout kicked my ass!

Do you plan your treadmill workouts in advance or make them up as you go along?


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11 Responses to 30 Minute Treadmill Interval Workout (Speed Ladder)

  1. Carrie says:

    I haven't run on the treadmill in a while, but I do sometimes make things up as I go.

    Great workout!

  2. christineyu69776410 says:

    I haven't done speed work in a while. Oops! This looks great and something that I could definitely do!

  3. I love my treadmill and usually have a plan going into each run!

  4. Kierston says:

    I always go with the flow! That being said, I don't go on the treadmill toooo often!

  5. I rarely use the treadmill, but when I do I will do intervals. Keeps it from being too unbearable boring. Great workout!

  6. whomovedmycheesecake says:

    I usually have an idea in mind before I jump on. I like to be prepared for the suckiness! (I'm making up words now… Don't mind me!)

  7. Jen says:

    That work out would have kicked my butt for sure. I really don't like the treadmill but when it's really hot in the summer I will run on it to stay in shape.

  8. mommyrunfaster says:

    That's exciting to have an excuse to focus on speedwork! I've really enjoyed adding more in the last month or two, but can tell my body is ready for a break. After the 5k tomorrow, I'll be happy to step back and run for fun. This was the first time I had a specific goal for speed workouts and had most planned in advance, and for the most part, stuck with it!

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  10. Carolyn N says:

    I prefer running outdoors, but treadmill is perfect before strength training in the gym. Besides, treadmills in my gym stand right near the windows, so I can enjoy the view outside. Sometimes 30 min on treadmill, followed by 2 hours of strength training, were too hard for me, but not until I've started taking Navy Seal Formula by MGNutritionals. Amazing dietary supplement which naturally brings me up. I am always toned and never feel exhausted!

  11. FoamRoller says:

    I tend to make my treadmill workouts as I go. It's a good idea to plan them out though! I really should start

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