Fitting In Fitness Between Flights

Every year I seem to have once business trip from heck in the fall. I hope I got it out of the way early this year when I spent the last week of August traveling to San Francisco, Austin, Dallas, and home again–all in four days.  

Fitting In Fitness

Instead of using my hectic schedule as an excuse to skip my workouts, I looked forward to fitting in fitness between flights. Continue reading

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Ready To Beat The Deadline For A Comeback

I haven’t written about running since our trip to the Grand Canyon, because the 5 mile run I did before our trip did not end well. After two good runs on the track, I tried out my neighorhood loop, but the combination of the less forgiving surface and more uneven terrain showed me that my foot was still weak. By the time I was almost home there was no denying that I was in pain, so I did the smart thing–for once–and walked the last 1/3 mile back to my house. 

Ready For A Comeback

My foot was mostly fine with hiking–although walking down steep trails was tricky–so when we got back from our vacation I started my comeback program again–3 easy miles at the track with at least two days off in between.

That seems to be going well, so when I was offered an opportunity to participate in the National Press Club BEAT THE DEADLINE 5K on September 5, I thought it could be the perfect event to mark my comeback.  Continue reading

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Five Things I Did This Summer

First, I have to say that summer’s not over yet–we still have 10 days left! But, with my vacation behind me and my son going back to school this weekend, I guess it’s not too early for a summer recap.

5 Things I Did This Summer

Since I kicked off this summer by breaking my foot on Memorial Day Weekend, this summer has not been what I expected. Still, I managed to do a lot of fun things.  Continue reading

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Hiking Elden Lookout Trail

After spending a few days hiking, cycling, and walking along the Rim Trail at the Grand Canyon, we headed to Flagstaff for a change of scenery and a change of pace. But after an afternoon of shopping and relaxing at more luxurious accommodations, we were ready for another challenge. When I realized that we could hike to the top of the mountain we could see from the hotel parking lot, I knew how we would be spending our last day of vacation. 

Mount Elden Lookout Trail  I found information about the hike on the Forest Service website, and although I hesitated at the “strenuous” rating, I figured we always could turn back if it got too difficult. 

Continue reading

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Taking Starbucks On The Road

Welcome to my stop on the Coffee Shop Blog Hop. After you read my confession of my Starbucks addiction–and see the extent I go to take my Starbucks on the road–click through to the next post linked at the bottom to keep hopping along. 

It’s no secret that I love coffee, or that my go-to coffee is a Starbucks bold, preferably Komodo Dragon–the flavor that turned me into a Starbucks junkie. 

Komodo Dragon


So, how did I survive a vacation with no Starbucks in sight? Continue reading

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