Planning For National Walking Day 2015

It’s no joke–National Walking Day is Wednesday, April 1. This is my second year promoting this event and its message–that we should take 30 minutes out of the day and go for a walk–is one I need to hear again and again. 

national walking day

I spend way too much time every day sitting in front of my computer at work, and then catching up with social media at night. Although wearing a personal activity tracker has helped a little bit, I find myself ignoring its prompts to MOVE more and more frequently.  Continue reading

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What Is Palm Sunday?

Today, Christians around the world are celebrating Palm Sunday. What is Palm Sunday? It marks the start of Holy Week and the remembrance of the events in Jesus’ life leading up to His crucifixion and resurrection. 

palm sunday

On Palm Sunday we  remember–and sometime reenact–Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, when people hailed Him as Lord and laid cloaks and palms on the ground before him as He passed. Continue reading

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Favorite Spring Recipes

Today’s Friday Five topic takes a break from the usual running theme, but since most runners love to eat, sharing our favorite spring recipes makes a lot of sense. 

Spring Recipes
Many of these recipes are based on eggs, both because I love egg dishes and because if eggs have a season, it’s got to be spring, right?  Continue reading

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Spring Pea Soup Recipe

Although spring is finally in the air, I am still enjoying making and eating soups. This Spring Pea Soup recipe can be served hot or cold, and would make a great side dish at Easter dinner or a spring brunch. 

Pea Soup

The recipe is based on Ina Garten’s Fresh Pea Soup recipe, but I used frozen peas and made a few other changes. Continue reading

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The Bicycling Big Book Of Training

I’ve been on my bike a few times this winter, but between the frigid temperatures and snowy bike paths, I’ve had to do most of my pedaling inside. Now that spring is here, I am ready to get back out there, and Bicycling and Rodale PR sent me the perfect book to review that has me motivated and inspired to up my cycling game. 

The Bicycling Big Book Of Training

Last year, I got to review The Bicycling Big Book of Cycling for Beginners, and I am still trying to put its lessons into practice when I ride. The Bicycling Big Book of Training is the perfect sequel, with information and guides to help you improve performance on your bike.  Continue reading

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