Burn Off The Halloween Candy Calories Workout

What’s scarier than the ghouls and goblins who haunt the streets on Halloween? The number of calories you can consume having ^just one^ of your favorites from the variety pack you bought to hand out to little trick-or-treaters! Can you believe that even those tiny “Fun Size” bars have about 75 calories each? Don’t be afraid to enjoy your favorites, just do this burn off the Halloween candy calories workout to frighten the fat away.

Halloween Candy Calories Workout
*The Halloween candy calories information is from PopSugar.
*Treadmill calories were derived using this Treadmill Calculator for a 125 lb person. Continue reading

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A Poem To Get Over A Bad Run

This post is dedicated to all runners who ever have had a bad run. Some will tell you to get over a bad run by taking an extra rest day, getting a massage, or running harder/faster/longer the next time. But I am going to tell you how one of my favorite childhood poems helps me get over a bad run.  

Little Girl
Do you know the poem “There Was A Little Girl” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow? It’s one I remember from my own childhood–I think my parents recited it to me when they were trying to tell me something! ;-)

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Mizuno Wave Rider 18 Review

This post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno.

What’s a girl to do when new running shoes arrive on her doorstep a few days before a race? First, she reminds herself that you should not try anything new on race day and remembers when she learned that lesson the hard way a few years ago. Then, she thinks of all the bad things that could happen with the wrong running shoes–ITB problems, knee pain, shin splints. Then, she decides to wear the shoes just to walk around in, “to see how they feel.” 

Mizuno WaveRider 18

When, race day comes, she’s just not feeling it. She eyes her shiny new shoes and wonders if she could draw on the positive energy Mizuno builds into every shoe to boost her motivation. She is fascinated by the Japanese concept of Hadothe intrinsic vibrational life force energy that promotes powerful transformations–and Mizuno’s goal of harnessing the transformative possibilities of every runContinue reading

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Favorite Running Songs

I almost always run with music, unless I’m running with a friend. If I notice that my iPod Nano is dead as I’m heading out for a run, I will grab my iPhone instead. If I notice that my iPod Nano is dead when I’ve gone too far to turn back, I will be disappointed. I know that listening to music while I run outside breaks a safety rule, but I love running with music–and I keep the volume low enough so I can hear ambient noise. So, what are my favorite running songs?

Favorite Running Tunes

You might think that a person who loves to run with music as much as I do would have the latest songs on her iPod, but I haven’t made a new playlist list since January! It just takes so much time to put together a new playlist! (To make it easier for you, I’ve provided Amazon Affiliate links directly to M3 downloads of my favorite running songs–just click on the images.) Instead of choosing current songs, I tend to use songs that have a motivating message or that will make me laugh during a long run.

All About That Bass — Meghan Trainor. OK, this is a current song–but it’s got a certain silliness that gives it staying power as a fun running song.

Happy — Pharrel Williams. I really should be sick of this song by now, but there is something about it that makes me …. happy!

Sexy And I Know It — LMFAO. This one makes my playlists for its pure laugh factor. 

Johnny Got A Boom Boom — Imelda May. I first heard this song on an NPR show (who knew public radio could be so cool!?). It’s got a wild “story” and is really upbeat.

Bang Bang — Ariane Grande. This is another fun, fast song. 

Stronger — Kelly Clarkson. When I am making a playlist for a specific race, I like to put this song where I think I’ll encounter a big hill.

Ice Ice Baby — Vanilla Ice. I like to put this song near the end of my playlist to psych myself up for an ice bath. :-)

Raise Your Glass — Pink. I like to put this song near the very end of my playlist, as encouragement to finish strong and “raise my glass” to a great run. 

I can’t wait to check out the favorite running songs that others will be sharing on the Friday Five linkup hosted by Eat Pray Run DCMar on the Run and You Signed Up for What?!

How often do you make a new playlist?

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Race Etiquette Pet Peeves

One reason I like to do races is to experience the positive energy of pushing myself with thousands of others who are doing the same. (Did you see my Army Ten Miler recap? I’m still enjoying those endorphins!) I love it when we all are lined up waiting to start, re-tying our laces one last time, making sure our Garmins have a signal, squeezing in one more stretch, and smiling at everyone else who finally has made it through their training programs to race day. 

Race Etiquette
But, there are some things that runners do during a race that can really detract from the race experience. We could make races even better by following good race etiquette and refraining from these racing pet peeves. Continue reading

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