My Harshest Critic

If you saw my guest post on Carla’s blog on Friday (squee!), you know that I have spent some time thinking about judgment. I started off thinking about how I judge others (and trying not to) but ended up realizing how much I judge myself. I really am my own harshest critic. 

Our Harshest Critic (1)
I know I’m not alone, but recent campaigns by Dove have made me realize how pervasive this issue is. Continue reading

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Worrying About What To Wear To Church

I wanted to attend an Easter sunrise service this year, but since the earliest service my church has starts at 8:30, that meant finding a different church to visit. There is a big sunrise service at the Lincoln Memorial, but I was looking for something with a familiar liturgy and Holy Communion. 


When I found out that St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Old Town holds a sunrise service at St. Paul’s Cemetery, I was intrigued. The cemetery was established in 1809, and is in a corner of Old Town with several other old cemeteries. Continue reading

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Products I’m Loving Lately

I’ve been trying a lot of new products, so I’m taking advantage of today’s Friday Five topic to share some of them with you. Each of these companies provided product for me to review, but none had any input or influence over the opinions I’m sharing here. 

1. Sunshine Nut Company. I’m most excited about Sunshine Nut Company because it’s local, it has a mission, and their cashews are delicious. The founder was inspired to create a company based on a business model that can transform poor farming communities in Mozambiquie in a way that provides fairness, opportunity, and empowerment from within. They do this by paying fair wages, focusing on local manufacturing, and using 30% of net proceeds to support agricultural development, and another 30% to support centers that care for orphans and vulnerable children.  Continue reading

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Healthy Individual Meatloaf Recipe

Last Sunday I ad-libbed an individual meatloaf recipe that met with my husband’s approval. Since we both want to have it again, I figure it’s worth sharing. (If you want to see what else I ate on Sunday, check out my What I Ate Wednesday post here.)

individual meatloaf recipe

The recipe is based on the meatloaf recipe in my Cooking Light 5 Ingredient 15 Minute CookbookContinue reading

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2015 Cherry Blossom Race Recap

I have said before that I’m not great at setting goals, and this year’s Cherry Blossom race was no different. When Facebook reminded me about last year’s PR, I spent a few days stressing over how I would be able to match that (barely) sub-8:00 min/mile pace. After visiting the expo on Friday, I was pumped with energy and convinced that I could do it. I started Saturday full of excitement, but several Cherry Blososm Festival traffic jams later, I was just plain tired. Sunday morning I went through the motions of my pre-race routine, wondering if I was in the mood to put in the effort it would take to match last year’s PR. Shortly before the race started, they announced that the course had to be shortened because of an emergency along part of the route. That took the pressure off, and I decided to enjoy the glorious weather and the gorgeous blossoms. Then I ended up at the front of my corral and …. 

CUCB 2015 Finish Time
Now, I honestly don’t think I could have kept up that pace for another 1/2 mile, but it’s still a PR since I’ve never run any race that fast! Continue reading

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