Favorite Fitness Classes

Back in the day, the only exercise I got was at a weekly step aerobics class. It was the late 90s, so I didn’t wear leg warmers, but I might have worn a one-piece, short-sleeves + shorts unitard. (Thankfully, there are no pictures!) After I took up running, my Saturday long runs replaced that 8:00 am aerobics class, and I got used to working out on my own. I gradually built up a relatively well-equipped home gym, and enjoyed the convenience of rolling out of bed and heading out the door for a run or down to the basement for a strength workout.  Favorite Fitness Classes

I still do most of my workouts on my own, but now there are three different studio workouts on my schedule! How did I become such a fitness class junkie?  Continue reading

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Whatever It Takes

I looked forward to the Pennsylvania Dutch Farm to Fork Fondo from the moment I first signed up in May. A weekend away with my husband, riding through the lovely Lancaster countryside, eating freshly made ice cream …. I knew riding for 65 miles in August would be challenging, but I never doubted that I could do it–even after I saw the elevation profile for the Farm to Fork Fondo hills.  

Farm To Fork Fondo Finish Line

Wrenedgade Sports sponsored my participation
in the PA Dutch Farm To Fork Fondo

Little did I know how much mental and physical strength I would have to draw on to make it up those hills. Little did I know it would take unconventional strategies to give whatever it takes.  Continue reading

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The Dog Days Of Summer

What was I just saying about August usually being hotter than July? The second week of August sure did live up to its reputation, with temperatures in the upper 90’s and oppressive humidity. Thank goodness for air-conditioning for indoor workouts and recovery!  

Weekly Wrap

I’m bummed that this isn’t really a sultry beach sunset,
but I’m still visualizing myself at the beach!

I thought I might need to take it easy after the Farm to Fork Fondo, but my legs felt pretty good after the yoga class I took on Sunday, so I jumped back into my regular workout schedule.

If you haven’t yet, please check out my recap of our 65 mile bike ride and all the food we enjoyed along the way! Continue reading

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Feasting At The Farm To Fork Fondo

I’m not gonna lie, one reason I was so excited to participate in the Farm To Fork Fondo in Lancaster, Pennsylvania was the promise of locally-grown food at the rest stops and the post-ride barbecue. During the ride, knowing that there would be freshly made ice cream at the last rest stop helped keep me going through the toughest climbs of my life. Now that the ride is over, I’m sharing my Farm To Fork Fondo food review!

Farm To Fork Fondo

Wrenegade Sports sponsored my participation in the Farm To Fork Fondo.

I’m linking up for the Friday Five hosted by Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC, Mar at Mar on the Run and Cynthia at You Signed Up for What?! to share the edible highlights of this fun event. Continue reading

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Pennsylvania Dutch Farm To Fork Fondo Overview

Wrenegade Sports sponsored my participation and asked me to write
a review of my experience doing the Pennsylvania Dutch Farm To Fork Fondo.

Tyler Wren founded the Farm To Fork Fondo series to unite the cycling and farming communities and encourage cyclists to support local farmers. Riding through the bucolic farmlands of Pennsylvania Dutch country in Lancaster, Pennsylvania certainly renewed my appreciation for family farms and the history, heritage, and horticulture they embody. 

Farm To Fork Fondo Overview

The scenery was almost as breathtaking as the hills. Imagine every picture you’ve seen of Pennsylvania Dutch country, and then imagine riding through it. We saw (and climbed!) rolling hills flecked with white farm houses, red barns, and silver silos. We were thisclose to cows, horses, goats, and even a few llamas. We waved to horse-drawn buggies, farmers tilling plots with man-powered tillers, and women in traditional Mennonite dress tending beautiful gardens. While we’ve driven through the area on various family trips, nothing compares to the views from our bikes.   Continue reading

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