Fearing Fear Itself

Fear has been a common topic around here lately. The fear that’s on my mind this week doesn’t have to do with cycling–or even relate to my first time trying indoor climbing–but is a more troubling fear brought on by spending too many hours watching the Republican National Convention. I’m not going to get into it here, but I need to get this much off my chest: A presidency based on anger, hatred and fear will not make this country great–no matter who is in the Oval Office. President Roosevelt got it right when he said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” 

Fighting Off Fear
I know all politics are ugly and I think one reason I’m so stressed out is because I am actually watching the political debates and conventions this year. I’d like to think the Democratic National Convention will take the high road and rise above the fray but I know it will have its share of ugliness. ~sigh~ Continue reading

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A Pragmatic Love Story — Vinegar Girl Book Review

Sometimes the Wednesday Word relates to something I’ve been thinking about. Sometimes it fits well with a recent experience. But this week, it fits me to a T.

practically speaking
When I looked up pragmatic, I thought any of the definitions could describe me. I tend to be logical, realistic, and practical. I consider myself to be down-to-earth, matter-of-fact, and have my feet on the ground. I try to be commonsensical, often am businesslike even when I don’t mean to be, and try to be sensible.  Continue reading

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How I Beat The Heat In Downtown Miami

I spent last week in downtown Miami. It wasn’t my first business trip to Miami, but it had been a few years since I’ve visited our Miami office. The first thing I learned–or relearned–is that downtown Miami is nothing like South Beach.

downtown miami
Even putting aside work, my week in Miami was nothing like Cynthia’s weekend in South Beach. I didn’t put my toes in the sand. I didn’t enjoy a fruity beverage at an oceanfront bar. I didn’t even run outside. For the Weekly Wrap Link Up hosted by Holly and Tricia, I’ll tell you how I beat the heat in downtown Miami. Continue reading

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Overcoming Visceral Fear

Cycling scares me. More particularly, climbing a steep hill while clipped in scares me. And for good reason. I’ve had my share of falls and bloody knees when I didn’t have quite enough momentum or wasn’t in the right gear or just panicked and fell over and didn’t unclip on my way down. I push through this fear almost every weekend but there’s one particular route that instilled such a visceral fear it took me almost four years to face it. 

Arlington Loop Elevation - Overcoming Visceral Fear

The elevation profile never tells the whole story. It’s not the elevation climb over those uphill miles that is challenging, it’s the series of steep hills represented by each blip on this graph. This is the route I trained on for Ragnar. There are several hills I can barely run up.  Continue reading

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Fighting Off Hopelessness

Lately I have not made going to church as much of a priority as I should. Although I’ve made it to church about once a month, I’ve skipped church to get an early start on a long bike ride or when my to-do list seemed to long. The thing is, whenever I go to church, I’m always glad I went, and I always hear a message I need to hear.

Last Sunday–before the horrible events of this past week–I was feeling discouraged by current events. Uncertainty over Brexit. People going hungry in Venezuela. The ugliness of the current presidential campaign. I was feeling helpless, and hopeless. But then our second reading included this passage from Galations that showed me the importance of fighting off hopelessness. Continue reading

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