February Runfessions

During Lent we are called to engage in self-examination and repentance, which means not only acknowledging our sins, but also turning away from our sinful ways. As we gather to make our monthly runfessions, we not only forgive ourselves for  what we have done (like that too much too soon long run) and what we have left undone (like that foam rolling), but commit to doing better in the days ahead. 

February Runfessions
While our Ash Wednesday service included a long Litany of Penitence, I’m focusing on five runfessions for Marcia’s link up so I can link up with Rachel and Lacey and Meranda for the Friday Five. 

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The Art Of Physical Therapy For Runners

As I complete my fourth week of physical therapy, I am impressed by the knowledge and skill of my physical therapist. As runners, many of us have learned the hard way that just because your left knee hurts doesn’t mean your left knee is the only body part that needs treatment. A weak core, inactive glutes, and tight calves have been at the root of my running injuries that manifested with pain somewhere else.  

Physical therapy for runners
Physical therapists know how complicated our body mechanics are (most have Ph.D.s), and design treatment programs tailored to a patient’s specific issues and goals. While I am being treated for a relatively minor injury, my Mom has a much harder PT program to get her walking and climbing stairs again after she broke her hip.

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An Ash Wednesday Valentine

I don’t know how often Ash Wednesday falls on Valentine’s Day, but it’s happening today. While this collision of special days may pose challenges to those planning to give up chocolate for Lent, the messages behind both “holidays” aren’t really that far apart.

Ash Wednesday Valentine
After all, Valentine’s Day is named after a Christian saint, although the day has been secularized for hundreds of years. 

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Ramping Up And Holding Back

I am that stage of my injury recovery when I need to be holding back, but my spring race calendar is telling me that I should be ramping up. I feel good enough that I could run longer without immediate repercussions, but I know my plantar fasciitis is still inflamed and will flare up if I do too much. 

Why is it so hard to ramp up gradually? I just want to join my friends on their runs. Log all the miles. Train for my spring 10 milers.

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Five Things I Learned About Nutrition For Runners

As someone who’s been running for 18 years and eating for many more, you might think I’d know all there is to know about nutrition for runners, but that’s not the case. In my early years of running I was focused on eating for weight loss. Once I settled at a healthy “happy weight,” I focused on overall nutrition. More recently I’ve probably gotten too laid back, but now that I’m in a new decade I’m trying to pay more attention to my food choices again.   

nutrition for runners

Since I don’t run marathons I don’t do much to fuel my runs, but when Laura invited me to try her Fit and Fueled nutrition program, she promised it was not just for marathoners–and she was right. Now that her course has wrapped up, I thought I’d share five things I learned that apply to any active woman. Continue reading

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