Pondering A Destination Race

I’ve never done a destination race. When I first started running I signed up for the Virginia Beach Half Marathon, but work forced my first DNS and left me once bitten, twice shy about signing up for an out-of-town race. But over the past few years I’ve fallen in love with running in two distant cities: Chicago and New York. Am I smitten enough to do a destination race in one of these cites?

pondering a destination race
Last weekend I spent too much time reading recaps from the Chicago Marathon. I have no desire to run a marathon. I don’t. But ….  

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Hitting My Race Photos Price Point

We’ve all complained about how ridiculously expensive race photos can be, and I’ve certainly had buyer’s remorse after forking over $$$ for an official photo to use in a recap. Marathon Photo seemed to be one of the worst offenders as far as pricing goes, but they found my race photos price point with their “discounted” packages for the Army Ten Miler.  

race photos price point

I usually look at my race photos and then spend a few days deciding whether I really want them, but when I saw this pricing, I whipped out my credit card for the basic package. Continue reading

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What Is Your Motivation Today?

So much has been written about motivation, and for good reason. It takes consistency and discipline to reach our health and fitness goals, and motivation is what drives us to make those choices that keep us on a path to success. Some are motivated to lose weight. Some are motivated to avoid chronic health issues that run in their family. Some are motivated to be a good role model for their children. But today I’m focusing on a different kind of motivation–a more practical, less lofty kind of motivation.

what is your motivation today
My primary motivation for getting up a dark o’clock to exercise is because I know it will make me feel better. I know that I will feel sluggish mentally and physically if I snooze through my workout time–no matter how much Starbucks I get later. But sometimes that knowledge is not enough. 

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Celebrating The Friday Five Link Up

I always say that my favorite thing about blogging is the supportive community I’ve found in my little corner of the blogosphere. With every post, we share a little bit of ourselves and make connections that sprout into friendships. The Friday Five link up hosted by CourtneyMar and Cynthia is one of the first places I found to hang out with fellow fitness bloggers and share insights on fun topics.

DC Trifecta Friday Five Linkup

For the last installment hosted by the D.C. Trifecta, I’m celebrating five things I’ve loved about their link up.

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2016 Army Ten Miler Race Recap

So, my ninth Army Ten Miler is in the books! Since I had so many worries before this race, I will make this recap a story of happy endings.  

2016 Army 10 Miler Medal
My race recaps usually take almost as long to tell as the race took to run, so I will focus on the 2016 Army Ten Miler for the Weekly Wrap hosted by Holly and TriciaContinue reading

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