New And Improved! Friday Five Link Up

This week’s Friday Five link up theme could not have been more perfect for me. This month I will be celebrating four years of blogging, and I have some new things in store that I am pretty excited about.  

New And Improved!

1. New Blog Header. I love the blog header that Rita at Blog Genie made for me, but after three years I am ready for a change. So many of the blogs I love have more personal headers, and I’ve been wanting a fresher look. I’m not quite ready to part with my cherry blossom runner girl since she really does mean so much to me, so I’ve incorporated her in my new design. 

Got2Run4Me Blog Header

I may keep playing with it, so let me know what you think! 

2. New Blog Series. After four years of blogging and reading blogs, I’ve collected some tips and tricks that I think are worth sharing. I’m going to tell all my blogging secrets in a Blog Tip Tuesday series throughout August. Stay tuned!

3. New haircut. Talk about perfect timing! I got my haircut yesterday. My daughter thinks I need to cover up that gray streak, but I like to keep it to remind her and her brother of all they’ve put me through. ;-) 


4. New running skort. I won’t buy running shorts unless they are compression shorts or have a gripper to keep them from riding up. I lucked out when I found this Athleta Contender Skort on sale. The shorts have silicone leg grips which really do keep them in place. I wore them on a sweaty 5 mile run and never had to make any adjustments.

Athleta Contender Skort

 5. New excitement about running. I am surprised at how excited I am about being on a Ragnar team and training for the challenge of running three times over 36-ish hours. Between that an the fantastic weather we’ve been having, I have a new-found excitement about running that I hope will carry me through the dog days of August! I’ve added a new menu category for Ragnar-related posts to make it easier to keep up to date on this adventure. 

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Watermelon Tomato Gazpacho Recipe

Another week, another bountiful haul of tomatoes from my Mom’s garden! Luckily for me, the Washington Post had an article on no-cook recipes that included an intriguing Watermelon Tomato Gazpacho recipe. Luckily for you, it was delicious enough to share.  

Watermelon Tomato Gazpacho Recipe

 The ingredients are simple:  Continue reading

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Running Hill Repeats

Last week I added running hill repeats to the growing list of new things I’ve done with my Mom’s Run This Town group. I’ve always included hill work in my race training plans, but I usually do incline intervals on the treadmill. 

Hill Repeats
Now that many women in my MRTT group are training for fall marathons, we’ve decide to alternate our weekly track workouts with hill repeat workouts. I am not doing a marathon, but now that I’ve seen my leg assignments for Ragnar, I figure the more hills I can train on the better. Continue reading

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I’m Running Ragnar!

I think it was on our crazy trail run adventure that my friend convinced me to commit to being on a Ragnar team with her. I told her that if she rounded up 10 other runners, I wouldn’t be the one to stand between her and this item on her bucket list. 


Well, you know where this is going. We now have a full team (knock-on-wood, no injuries please!), so I’m running Ragnar D.C. on September 12-13! Never mind that I will be in Vancouver earlier that week, or that she and another teammate will be in Japan–we figure our crazy work schedules and jet lag will be good training for the sleep deprivation aspect of this event.  Continue reading

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Update On My Summer Bucket List

Summer is flying by, so it’s a good time to revisit my summer bucket list goals, and see what I’ve got left on my list.  This is an exercise in honesty and accountability, because many of my biggest goals are out of reach now. 

Summer Bucket List

I am succeeding with my first two goals–being home for dinner with my son and using the grill to fix dinner several nights a week. Last night, my daughter kicked off her visit by grilling steaks and corn on the cob–such a treat! 

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I thought goal number three was a gimme, but I ended up DNS-ing my usual July 4th race. I opted for a 10 mile run with one of my MRTT friends the next day instead, and had no regrets. 

July 5th Run

My saddest update relates to goal number 4. I just don’t see how I can get to the beach this summer. I was hoping to get away after my son goes back to school, but then realized that he doesn’t start until Labor Day this year! To add insult to injury, my son and daughter decided to take a quick trip to the beach today. I was thisclose to joining them, but then the reality of four adults in the cheap motel room we were able to find at the last minute sunk in, and I wished them well on their adventure. At least I have these pictures from last year. 

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My husband and I did book a vacation for the fall. It’s going to be fantastic! :-)

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Have you taken a summer vacation? 

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