Getting Sweaty At FitBloggin

There is so much to love about Fitbloggin’, but since I have not been able to run since Memorial Day weekend, I particularly enjoyed the variety of workouts on the schedule. I did five workouts over three days and it really felt good to get sweaty again.

The first workout on the schedule was Bootcamp with Erin Krietz. We did a cardio warm-up, and then a mix of fitness band and body weight exercises that got our heart rates up and made us sweaty–and happy. Continue reading

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Paddling Like Mad Against The Storm

Sometimes you don’t realize your boat is swamped until it’s too late. Last week’s Gospel reading about how Jesus calms the storm came just in time to save me from my own sinking ship.  

Jesus Calms The Storm
It’s only a few verses (Mark 4: 35-41), so I’ll share the whole thing: Continue reading

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Three Books For Your Beach Bag

It’s been a while since I’ve shared what I’ve been reading, and now I have three good books to tell you about. Toss any one–or all three–in your beach bag, and you won’t be disappointed.

book review

Before I share my book reviews, I want to talk about new information the FTC has released that explains how the FTC disclosure rules apply to bloggers. They have a new “frequently asked questions” page that specifically addresses social media and blogging, and gives examples of suggested ways to comply. One thing that jumped out at me is that simply tagging a link as an “affiliate link” may not be enough, because your general audience may not understand what that means. With that in mind, I will be adding an image like this to my product review–and book review–posts. Continue reading

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Healthy Travel Tips And Tricks

After a brief respite at the beginning of the year, I’ve been on several trips over the past few weeks. With the summer travel season upon us, I thought I’d share some of my healthy travel tips ans tricks. 

Travel Tips

1. Pack healthy snacks. When I’m packing, I feel like I’m taking a ridiculous amount of healthy snacks with me, but knowing that I have good food to eat saves me from greasy airport food and outrageous airport prices. Why spend $3 on a Kind bar at the airport Starbucks when you can bring a whole box from home? I usually start my trips with an early morning flight, and bring a hard cooked egg to eat for breakfast after I get through security.  Continue reading

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The High Price Of Running In Philly

Last week a business trip took me to Philadelphia. I wasn’t planning on running, but when my foot was feeling better (before my epic bike fall fails) and I read this article in the Washington Post section about biking in Philly, I tucked my running shoes into my suitcase “just in case.”

Schuykill River Trail Philly

As I drove into the city and saw the Schuykill River Trail,
my desire to run grew stronger–even though it was really hot and humid.  Continue reading

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