My Best-Paced GW Parkway Classic Race Recap

The GW Parkway Classic was my fourth race of 2017, and came after two back-to-back, week-long, international business trips. Although I didn’t workout much when I was in Seoul and didn’t really have issues with jet lag, I was tired. For once I heeded my body and took it easy the week leading up to this race. Maybe that’s why I ended up with my best-paced GW Parkway Classic ever.

2017 GW Parkway Classic Race Recap

18th in my AG! That’s a surprise.

Instead of pushing for a PR, my focus was on better pacing–holding back during those first few miles and leaving something in the tank for a strong finish. Continue reading

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Five Reasons I Love The GW Parkway Classic

This weekend I am running my fourth race of 2017 — the GW Parkway Classic. This race always takes priority when I am planning my spring race calendar, although I did miss it a few times when I was injured–and once for a friend’s wedding. I would love for you to run it with me some time, so I’m going to tell you five reasons I love the GW Parkway Classic. 

I’m also joining the Friday Five 2.0 link up hosted at Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness. I missed it last week when I was traveling and am glad to be home! Continue reading

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A Few Days In Seoul

Last week I went to Asia for the very first time. Although I was gone for a week (Monday through Friday), because of the time change I only had a few days in Seoul. It was jam-packed with business meetings, so I didn’t see any tourist sights, but I got a taste of the culture.

A Few Days In Seoul
Since this trip came on the heels of my business trip to Copenhagen, I begged my firm to let me fly business class. While I won’t be able to hold a grudge against United for long, I was glad to be flying on Delta!  Continue reading

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A Week Of Running In Copenhagen

A few years ago a business trip took me to Copenhagen for the first time, and I discovered what a great place it is for running. The city has a safe reputation, gorgeous historic and modern architecture, cute neighborhoods with cafes and canals, guarded palaces, grand churches, and a view of Sweden across the Straight of Ã˜resund. You just have to take care on the cobblestones and watch for bikes at every intersection–no jaywalking! As I made plans for a return trip last week, I was looking forward to a week of running in Copenhagen. 

running in copenhagen
As usual, my running gear was the first thing to go into my suitcase. Since I wasn’t sure what the weather would be, I packed capris and longer tights, light, medium, and heavy weight long-sleeved tops, thinner and thicker gloves, and thinner and thicker ear bands. I probably put as much thought in my running gear as I did in my work clothes!  Continue reading

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Tips For Destination Racing

A few weeks ago I ran my first destination race–the NYC Half Marathon. I am pretty pleased with how everything went, and want to take note of a few things I did right and a few I might do differently next time–since I already know there will be a next time! I hope these lessons from my first destination race are helpful, and would love to hear your tips for destination racing.

tips for destination racing
I’m joining the Friday Five 2.0 link up at Running on Happy and Fairytales and FitnessContinue reading

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