Checking The Math Of The Reston Metric Century Ride

If you saw my Friday Five post, you know that I am planning to do the Reston Metric Century ride this weekend. It will be our second long ride of the summer as we build up to the full century we are eyeing in October. The Reston Bicycle Club posted the route this week, and while they might be great at cycling, they clearly need to work on their math skills. 

Why is the Reston Metric Century 68.8 miles? 

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Speaking Up

It’s been a while since I’ve written about my faith, but not because I haven’t been moved by the readings and sermons at church. Today’s political climate has me treading carefully. I’m even hesitant to wear my favorite Christian jewelry–a small silver cross–because I don’t want people to assume my views on any of the hot topics of the day based on my religion. (I’m also hesitant to wear my American flag jewelry for similar reasons.) But this week I realized that my silence could be misunderstood. 

Photo Credit: Episcopal Diocese of Virginia

This week I realized that it’s time to speak up and speak out, like my Bishop, priest, and other ministers of many faiths did in Charlottesville last week, when they joined the Charlottesville Clergy Collective to stand up against hate. 

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Training For My First Century Ride

When it comes to cycling, I usually am more goal-oriented than my husband. While he’s usually interested in our average pace, he mmmQa. couldn’t care less if we cycle a certain distance, and he will relax in the shade while I do a lap around the parking lot to hit a round number on my Garmin. But, it’s because of him that I am figuring out how to train for my first century ride.

My husband wants to do a century, but he’s not much into “training” for anything. On the other hand, the runner in me is not about to participate in an endurance event without getting in shape for it. That said, since I am wary of biking on the road, I am eyeing a series of organized rides to help me train for my first century ride.  Continue reading

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Setting Fall Priorities

Fall?! What?! I know it’s only mid-August and I’m still hoping to squeeze in a beach getaway, but this is the right time of year to be setting fall priorities. If I want to do well in my fall 10 milers, I need to start training now. 

Yep, you read that right–If I want to do well in my fall races. I’ve started getting emails about the Reston 10 Miler (September 24) and the Army 10 Miler (October 8), but I’m not sure I’m ready to make running a priority again–especially since we are eyeing a full century ride in October.  Continue reading

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Q Band Fitness Tracker Review

I’ve admitted my addiction to fitness trackers, but it’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a new product. I even upgraded my Fitbit Alta to an AltaHR without writing about it–not quite as monumental as running a race without writing about it, but still! When the folks behind the Q Band Fitness Tracker reached out to me, I almost politely declined, but I’m so glad I took them up on their offer because their fitness tracker is a fantastic product at a great price. 

Q-Band Fitness Tracker

Seriously, this product has ALL the features!

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