Reston Half Metric Century Ride Recap

It’s that time of year when I really wish I’d taken a vacation, but I haven’t. Facebook rubs it in by reminding me of past August vacations–trips to the beach and last year’s amazing trip to the Grand Canyon. Between not wanting to leave Tiger Lilly and a hectic work schedule, a vacation just wasn’t in the card this summer. I’ve been making the most of my summer weekends, though, by getting out of my comfort zone and trying new things, like indoor climbing and my first organized bike ride

Reston Half Metric Century Ride
This weekend I joined Deborah on the shorter course of the Reston Bicycle Club Century, braving another ride on open roads, this time without my husband (and excellent bike mechanic) by my side.
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The Spirituality Of Running

I bristle when people refer to their gym as their “church”–what are they worshiping in the weight room? The Apostle Paul did tell the Corinthians that “the body is a temple of the Holy Spirit,” so maybe they are heeding his call to “glorify God with [our] bod[ies].” Since I found Christ long before I found fitness, I don’t consider exercise as a way to worship God, but I do believe that exercising can be a spiritual experience.  spirituality of running

I often listed to Krista Tippet’s show On Being as I’m getting ready for church. Last week’s episode was called Running As Spiritual Practice. It opened my eyes to the many different ways in which running can be so much more than putting one foot in front of the other, nailing a PR, or adding another piece of bling to your medal rack.   Continue reading

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Is Summer Over Yet?

It’s hard to believe that next weekend is Labor Day Weekend. Where did the summer go? They say time flies when you’re having fun, and I have had a lot of fun this summer. No, I haven’t taken a vacation, but things have been pretty good at home. Before I declare summer over, I am going to take one last dip in the pool and come clean with a few runfessions.

Since I’ve got five things to runfess, I’m also linking up with Courtney, Cynthia and Mar for the Friday Five Link Up. Check out both of these great link ups for motivation, support, and camaraderie. Continue reading

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Favorite Fitness Classes

Back in the day, the only exercise I got was at a weekly step aerobics class. It was the late 90s, so I didn’t wear leg warmers, but I might have worn a one-piece, short-sleeves + shorts unitard. (Thankfully, there are no pictures!) After I took up running, my Saturday long runs replaced that 8:00 am aerobics class, and I got used to working out on my own. I gradually built up a relatively well-equipped home gym, and enjoyed the convenience of rolling out of bed and heading out the door for a run or down to the basement for a strength workout.  Favorite Fitness Classes

I still do most of my workouts on my own, but now there are three different studio workouts on my schedule! How did I become such a fitness class junkie?  Continue reading

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Whatever It Takes

I looked forward to the Pennsylvania Dutch Farm to Fork Fondo from the moment I first signed up in May. A weekend away with my husband, riding through the lovely Lancaster countryside, eating freshly made ice cream …. I knew riding for 65 miles in August would be challenging, but I never doubted that I could do it–even after I saw the elevation profile for the Farm to Fork Fondo hills.  

Farm To Fork Fondo Finish Line

Wrenedgade Sports sponsored my participation
in the PA Dutch Farm To Fork Fondo

Little did I know how much mental and physical strength I would have to draw on to make it up those hills. Little did I know it would take unconventional strategies to give whatever it takes.  Continue reading

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