Ragnar Post Race Recovery Plan

Running three times in 24 hours on no sleep takes a toll on any body, and my body in particular cried out for a serious post race recovery plan after Ragnar DC. I felt like my quads were broken before I even ran my third leg, but with a 10 miler only two weeks away I can’t afford to wait too long before I get my legs working again. 

ragnar post race recovery plan

Here’s a look at my active recovery plan for the week after Ragnar DC. I will update it as I go along so I can look back and see how I felt and whether this plan worked out. Continue reading

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Ragnar Recap — Running RagnarDC

I have so much to say about RagnarDC! I will start with my Ragnar recap — what it was like running Ragnar DC — and fill you in on the rest later. 

ragnar recap

I was Runner #7–the first runner of Van 2. We met at my friend’s house at 6:30 am, loaded our gear into the back of our rented 12-passenger van, and headed up to Exchange 6 at Little Orleans, Maryland. Our estimated start time wasn’t until 11:20 am, but we wanted to beat the D.C.-area traffic and have plenty of time to get oriented and organized at our starting exchange. Continue reading

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Scenes From Grouse Mountain Vancouver

Eeek! As this publishes I am heading out to run RagnarDC!  

Ragnar DC

Earlier this week I was in Vancouver, and I have a few scenes from my trip that I want to share with you! 

I arrived on Saturday and the fabulous Tamara was kind enough to whisk me away from my hotel and take me to Lighthouse Park. The hike through the woods and gorgeous views were the perfect antidote to my cross-country flight.  Continue reading

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Ragnar Training Recap

Well, here I am on the eve of running RagnarDC! I am still worried about the elevation profile of my first leg, still not quite sure of the logistics, and still counting on having a crazy-good time! 

Ragnar DC

To quell my nerves, I thought I would look back on my Ragnar training, to reassure myself that I’ve done all I could to get ready. (You can see all of my Ragnar training posts here.)

My Garmin data shows how I ramped up my running when I started training for Ragnar in late July. I went from running 2-3 days a week to running 3-4 days a week. I did four afternoon runs–something I’ve never done before–including three double runs (I forgot my Garmin on one of them). Continue reading

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How I Will Be Fueling For Ragnar DC

Oh, my! Ragnar DC is getting so close! I am running out of time to make last minute Amazon Prime orders (but thanks for shipping the safety vest, shower wipes, and first aid kit to my door!), and making final decisions about what I will be packing. One of the most important decisions is how I will be fueling before, during, and after my three legs. 

Ragnar DC

 I know you’re not supposed to try anything new on race day–especially any new fuel–so last week I hit up Hudson Trail Outfitters and stocked up on some of my favorite bars.

Ragnar Fuel (Bars)
I don’t eat Clif bars very often because they have more calories than I usually need for a snack, but I have been so hungry lately with all of my training, that my main concern for Ragnar is having enough to eat! In addition to these bars, I am bringing a box of Nature Valley crunchy peanut butter granola bars and some homemade trail mix with nuts, dried cherries, and chocolate chips. I hope we have time to get “real” food, but if not, this should get me through the 36 hours of Ragnar DC craziness!  Continue reading

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