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Alternative Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Between recovering from my not-quite-a-race last weekend, resting up for our century ride, and focusing on my plantar fasciitis treatment, this week was relatively quiet on the workout front. While I had a break from business travel, work still kept me … Continue reading

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Stressed For Success

As I’m writing this, I’m decidedly not stressed, but this was one of those weeks when my stress level was running high. Luckily it was all work stress–which I’m pretty good at compartmentalizing–but I’m blaming it for the knots in … Continue reading

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New Exercises To Challenge And Strengthen Your Core

If you ask a professional how to become a better runner or how to prevent injuries, they usually will tell you to strengthen your core. As stated in this article from Runkeeper, “having a strong core sets a solid foundation for … Continue reading

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A Dynamic Running Warm Up For Winter Running

Can you believe this is the last full week of January? Our winter weather has been relatively mild so far, but we still could face cold weather in February and March–and I wouldn’t mind a snow day or two. Whether … Continue reading

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Walking That Fine Line Between Fear and Injury

Happy Fourth of July! Right now it looks like the rain may put a damper on our holiday plans, but we are still hoping to grill up a feast and catch a glimpse of the fireworks, which usually go on … Continue reading

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