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The Workout I’m Regretting

The “inspirational” fitness memes that bug me the most are the ones based on the idea that you never regret a workout. I get it. There are many days I’ve snoozed through my workout time and then regretted that I … Continue reading

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A Holiday Wish List You Can’t Buy In Stores

With a Friday Five topic of Holiday Wish List, I expect to see gift guides and stocking-stuffer ideas. I’m interested in seeing what you all suggest, but my holiday wish list is a little different. Maybe it’s because I’m older, my kids … Continue reading

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Throwing Caution To The Wind

When I was  sidelined from running I promised myself that I would be smart about my comeback, take things slowly, and continue with my strength training. Even though I didn’t hurt myself running, I know that coming back too fast too soon … Continue reading

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Making A Comeback From Injury

After I decided to make the Beat The Deadline 5K my comeback race, the organizers gave me an opportunity to give away another race entry. I polled my Moms Run This Town group for someone else making a comeback from … Continue reading

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Ready To Beat The Deadline For A Comeback

I haven’t written about running since our trip to the Grand Canyon, because the 5 mile run I did before our trip did not end well. After two good runs on the track, I tried out my neighorhood loop, but … Continue reading

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