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~*~Happy Easter~*~

The Lord is risen! He is risen indeed! Allelujah! Please send all unwanted black licorice jelly beans my way!    

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Observing Palm Sunday With Inspirational Words

Today we are observing Palm Sunday, the last Sunday in Lent. Many churches use the palm fronds from Palm Sunday to make ashes for the next year’s Ash Wednesday. I love that symbolism and reminder that the Lenten season of repentance is … Continue reading

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The Bread Of Life

You can’t pick up a magazine, browse cookbooks, or even skim social media posts these days without coming across an article or discussion about the “best” kind of bread. For a while, whole-grain bread was the nutritional favorite, but now bread … Continue reading

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Does God Care What I Eat?

I recently joined a new Facebook Group called Faith & Fitness Inspired (#FFInspired). While I always have written about both faith and fitness on this blog, my blog posts usually are about faith or fitness, and I rarely consider how faith … Continue reading

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Observing Lent — Reading Scripture

Today marks the second Sunday in Lent, and the end of my first full week of observing Lent. So far I’ve done well with reading Scripture–or at least listening to the Daily Prayer Podcasts–and trying to take the words to … Continue reading

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