Physical Therapy Exercises For Glutes And Arches

I’ve gotten some questions about the exercises that the physical therapist suggested to strengthen my arches and improve how my glutes work to stabilize my hips. I don’t mind sharing, but keep in mind that this is a personalized set of exercises based on a detailed assessment of my strengths, weaknesses and body mechanics. These physical therapy exercises for glutes and arches might not help you, and they might even exacerbate any issues you may have.

Physical Therapy Exercises For Glutes And Arches

Now, how am I going to get all this done and still keep up with my planks and push-ups, not to mention all the foam rolling she wants me to be doing?

Do you have any physical therapy homework you are supposed to be doing?

Do you use a foam roller as much as you should? 

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11 Responses to Physical Therapy Exercises For Glutes And Arches

  1. Yes I do! I’ve been working on strengthening my glutes too. It is time consuming and who knows if it really does anything?!

  2. Yep, I’m supposed to do all of the same 🙂 And I’m definitely not as good with the foam roller as I should be….my downfall!

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  4. Becca says:

    Did you find these helped? We’re yiu able to do regular? I’m starting another set of PT and hoping it’ll help my IT band.

  5. Westly Smith says:

    I’ve been looking for an exercise routine to strengthen my glutes! So, thanks for the list of exercises! I didn’t know that clam shells could help with that. I’m going to try this out with my wife!

  6. Elden Gatley says:

    I agree that squats are excellent for the legs. From what I understand, although they primarily work the thighs, they also work the other main leg muscles as well. I always feel like my legs had a good workout after a few sets of squats.

  7. Abélia says:

    I appreciate you sharing your personal set of physical therapy exercises. Although, I definitely agree that physical therapy is different for everyone and should be exercised with caution. I have noticed a few pains in my ankles and back, but I don’t think it’s quite serious enough to see a physical therapist. I’ll keep an eye on it! Thanks!

  8. Harry Brophy says:


    Nice Post!

    Physical therapy has always been a great help for me whenever I have an issue. Although I didn’t experience it first hand, I could say that I am a witness to the healing effects of Physiotherapy.

    Thanks for sharing.

    I really appreciate your work.

    All the best!

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