Product Review: Bengay Zero Degrees

A few weeks ago, BENGAY® reached out to me to let me know about their new product, BENGAY® Zero Degrees™.


According to BENGAY®, it is “the first and only topical pain reliever that can be stored in the freezer, combining the instant sensation of ice with the long-lasting, pain relief of BENGAY® Gel.” I was intrigued, and since my physical therapy exercises sometimes leave me with achy spots, I told them I would be happy to try a sample.

As you can see from the picture, the product comes in a dispenser that looks like deodorant, and it works the same way as a cream or gel deodorant dispenser–you turn the dial at the bottom, gel comes out at the top, and you just rub it on where you need it. 

As they say:

Developed with a unique, no-mess stick delivery system, BENGAY® Zero Degrees™ starts to soothe tired muscles on contact with a vanishing scent that begins to disappear in minutes.

I keep the product stashed in the freezer and have tried it several times. It definitely feels cool going on, and the scent does dissipate quickly.

I usually use Biofreeze, so I decided to compare the two. I applied approximately equal amounts to each calf, and tried to notice any differences. At first, they both felt about the same–except for the coolness of the frozen BENGAY® Zero Degrees™. They both smelled about the same, and they both “tingled” about the same. The sensation seemed to last about the same length of time. Menthol is the active ingredient in both products, and BENGAY® Zero Degrees™ is a 5% formulation, while Biofreeze is a 3.1% formulation.  Pricing them on, they seem to cost about the same ($14-15 for 3 oz.).

The bottom line: I like the BENGAY® Zero Degrees™ product. When I run out of my sample and my supply of Biofreeze, I certainly would consider buying it, especially if I can find it at a local store.

FTC Notice: I was provided with a free sample of BENGAY® Zero Degrees™.  This review reflects my own personal opinion of the product.

How do you care for your sore muscles?

Have you ever braved an ice bath?

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6 Responses to Product Review: Bengay Zero Degrees

  1. colleen says:

    I usually just use hot and cold, no product, but maybe I will start. As for an ice bath, no, I can barely force myself into an unheated swimming pool! People have suggested it to me before because I have really tight calves, but I just wont torture myself like that!

  2. nhrunner says:

    I used to use Biofreeze but now use Doctor Hoy's..that stuff is great. I also recommend Penetrex, but not for immediate relief. I would like to try this! I like the roll-on application from freezer.
    Ice bath- yes, bit not often. Latest on them is don't do it.. I just read an article in Running Times, I think? Maybe another pub. It said you may not get all your training benefits it you do take ice baths… more benefit to recovering naturally, except for the ice pack for acute injuries or soreness.

  3. lvanderwerp says:

    I've never braved Bengay or an ice bath – I need to now that I'm training for a half!

  4. seja4639 says:

    I love your blog! Braving a ice bath takes the same mental discipline as finishing that last mile. Not exactly the easiest or most comfortable experience in the world 🙂 .

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