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See Something Say Something

“If you see something, say something.” That’s been a public safety mantra since September 11th, urging people to speak up if they see something suspicious, prodding us to act on those opportunities to avert disaster. Clearly DHS isn’t wasting its … Continue reading

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Getting Sweaty At FitBloggin

There is so much to love about Fitbloggin’, but since I have not been able to run since Memorial Day weekend, I particularly enjoyed the variety of workouts on the schedule. I did five workouts over three days and it … Continue reading

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Essential Ingredients For A Good Day

You probably know the ingredients for your favorite recipe, but do you know the ingredients for a good day? Kris got me thinking about this when she shared some of the elements of her best days–days when she felt energized and … Continue reading

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My Harshest Critic

If you saw my guest post on Carla’s blog on Friday (squee!), you know that I have spent some time thinking about judgment. I started off thinking about how I judge others (and trying not to) but ended up realizing … Continue reading

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Inspired To Be A Better Person

What does As Good As It Gets have to do with being a Christian? A few weeks ago, my priest was able to draw an unlikely but fitting connection, based on this scene. If you haven’t seen the movie (or … Continue reading

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