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Venus, Mars & My Empty Nest (Different Words Wednesday)

Even before my son went to college, I knew he would not be as communicative as my daughter, but their responses to my “how are classes going?” text really drove home their Venus-Mars differences. Texting with my daughter: Texting with … Continue reading

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Getting Anxious About My Empty Nest

Now that we have flipped the calendar page to August, I can no longer ignore the fact that my nest is about to be empty. I know it is a time to be happy for my son as he starts … Continue reading

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Time Flies

I had to go into total denial mode to stop myself from freaking out yesterday. Only 10 days until Christmas! And now it’s only nine! I have done only the slightest bit of shopping and don’t even know what I … Continue reading

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Kick-Ass Saturday Circuit

I had planned to finish off my week of doing what I can┬áby repeating what I did on Thursday: 30 minutes on the elliptical and a Rodney Yee program. But last night I read an article in the Washington Post … Continue reading

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Biting My Tongue

Whenever I’m at networking events, I always end up talking about my family. We can only talk shop for so long, and everyone is always willing to talk about their kids. I don’t know if I’m thinking about my Dad … Continue reading

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