A Week Of Tough Workouts

These past few days have been busy around here. I joined the Friday Five Link Up to explain why I am supporting the American Heart Association in the Lawyers Have Heart 10K this weekend. I hosted the Ultimate Coffee Date Link Up and shared my overseas Starbucks sightings. Today I’m joining the Weekly Wrap Link Up (guest hosted by Mary Beth at TutusAndTennies), and in a few days I’ll be joining Deb’s Wednesday Word Link Up. After that, it will be almost time for the Friday Five again! Despite all this blogging, I also managed a week of tough workouts. 

Support The American Heart Association Here
I’m thisclose to reaching my fundraising goal!

Weekly Wrap

Memorial Day: OTF
I usually would do a long run or a bike ride on a holiday, but we had other plans on Monday so I squeezed in an OTF workout instead.

Tuesday:  Strength Training
I’ve been skimping on strength  training lately, so I dusted off my Quick Strength For Runners (<<Amazon affiliate link — check it out!). Instead of my usual warm-up (10 min on the elliptical), I tried Tamara’s Mobility Warm Up, adding a one minute plank to the line-up because I had a 12 minute program set up on my Interval Timer app.  

Dynamic Warm Up

Wednesday:  OTF
It was an unexpected “tornado” workout–which usually are on Tuesdays–which means that after the warm-up we spent about 4 minutes at each station 3 times. 

The splat points don’t tell the whole story of how exhausting this is!

Thursday: 5 mile run 
I was heading out the door to indoor cycling, but the weather was so nice I decided to go for a run instead. I ran back inside to change into running clothes, grabbed my water bottle, and headed to my office to run from there. I saw a gorgeous sunrise on my drive in, and caught the last of the pink glow on the river as I started my run.

I also snagged my first entry for the June #RunChatHunt sponsored by RoadID.


“Mother Earth”
Too bad Trump didn’t honor her with his decision later that day.

Friday: CPY2
A few weeks ago I realized that my sweaty legs were making some of the balance poses even harder–they were slippery! So, even though CPY2 is a heated class, I started wearing capris for better traction. My poses still aren’t insa-worthy, but I’m getting there! 

Saturday: 21 mile hilly bike ride
I’m writing more about this on Wednesday, but I can’t wait to tell you all that I MADE IT UP THAT HILL! 🙂

Conte's Ride

I really hope these rides pay off when I do the PA Dutch Farm to Fork Fondo–that’s what I’m training and why I’m also joining Courtney‘s Training Recap.

Sunday: 5.4 mile hilly run 
I debated doing another strength workout, but I really wanted to start my day outside, so I opted for a short run before church. I ad libbed my route and ended up with two very steep hills I would have walked up if I had more time! 

Did you do anything to celebrate Memorial Day?

Have you started playing along with #RunChatHunt?

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37 Responses to A Week Of Tough Workouts

  1. Zenaida says:

    I cannot imagine biking 21 miles!!! And congrats on making it up that hill. I imagine it was tough.
    Zenaida recently posted…May 2017 in ReviewMy Profile

  2. I don’t understand the tornado workout–but it sounds tough!
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…Stronger Every Day!My Profile

    • Coco says:

      For the OTF tornado workouts, I start on rower, so after our warm-up (usually 4-5 min) I did 4 minutes rowing intervals, then 4 minutes of floor exercises, then 4 minutes of treadmill intervals, then repeated that cycle two more times doing different intervals/exercises each time. Exhausting!
      Coco recently posted…A Week Of Tough WorkoutsMy Profile

  3. I’ve started getting pictures for the #RunChat too! I got 2 on Friday’s run. I want to learn more about the PA Dutch Farm to Fork Fondo!

  4. I’ve never done the run chat hunt that sounds fun maybe I will join in as well! Hope you have a great week ahead

  5. Kimberly G says:

    Wow, I’m tired just reading all of the workouts you completed this week – awesome job! I hope that you will go to bed early to get some extra sleep before another work week starts up tomorrow!

    That Mother Earth sculpture is gorgeous!
    Kimberly G recently posted…Chicago Marathon Training Recap – Week 2My Profile

  6. Lesley says:

    Great job with that hill! All your workouts, and I didn’t do anything. Mentally I’m itching to get back to strength training, but I know a few more days of recovery will be beneficial.

  7. Melissa says:

    Way to go, those sound like some great workouts! I love that you switched it up and went for a run one day that was nice out. How do you like OTF?

  8. Those rides have got to pay off! In fact, I think everything will pay off!
    Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy recently posted…Winding down: 5/29-6/4 Weekly WrapMy Profile

  9. Marcia says:

    That hill was quite a triumph! Very impressive. I love the idea of that scavenger hunt but I never remember to participate

  10. That was a big week of workouts! Way to conquer that hill! I have one near my house when I run that I used to hate but now can glide up it with easy – such a great feeling.

  11. I loved your picture from your run last week by the water. So so pretty. We should meet for a pre-work run again. My office is by City Center but we could meet in between our two locations. I’d love to catch up! Have a great week and congrats on making it up that hill on your bike!

  12. Clarinda says:

    You’ve got to take advantage of a beautiful morning! I need to get on my bike. It’s been far too long.
    Clarinda recently posted…Lemon-Cilantro Kale SaladMy Profile

  13. Wow, that is one beautiful sunrise! Mother Nature really is beautiful sometimes, isn’t she?
    Kathryn @ Dancing to Running recently posted…Let Marathon Training Begin!My Profile

  14. Great week!!! Everytime I see someone on a bike, I get envious and yet it is my own fault for not riding :/
    Smitha@FauxRunner recently posted…Running in Jekyl Island, Georgia CoastMy Profile

  15. Teresa says:

    You had me at tornado workout! haha

    I love a good hilly bike ride! This one you’ve got coming up sounds beautiful and I think you are more than ready for it!
    Teresa recently posted…This Week’s Gallivantin’: Still CoastingMy Profile

  16. Elle says:

    Wow! You make me tired just reading all of this! Good week! And the river pic is gorgeous!

  17. I think all those workouts are going to pay off- nice job! I don’t know about the runchathunt so I am sure I must be missing something! Thanks for linking up!
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…Weekly Wrap Guest Who? I am a Hostess!My Profile

  18. Rachel says:

    Sounds like a tough — but rewarding!! — week of workouts. Yay for conquering the hill!!
    Rachel recently posted…Easy and Refreshing Citrus Ginger Salad SplashMy Profile

  19. Wow…look at those Sunday morning hills! I have seen the Run Chat hunts, but never remember to do them.
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted…Shall We Taper?My Profile

  20. Bethany says:

    We went to the zoo with friends. Love the weather getting warmer.

  21. Wow a 21 mile hilly bike ride then a 5 mile run with hills the next day?? Awesome job!! Hope you are having a great week so far! I need to buy a new bike!
    Katie Shepherd recently posted…Weekly Recap: Running with my best friend My Profile

  22. Jamie says:

    Your strength for runners thing looks interesting. I might have to try it on days I don’t make it to the gym and can workout at home! And 21 miles on the bike? That’s impressive! Great job! 🙂

  23. Jenn says:

    Great week! All that OTF will definitely make you stronger!

    We did a 5K on Memorial Day and then we spent the rest of the day with my parents.

    I love all that cycling you’ve been doing. Now that we have a functioning bike rack, it’s time for us to start hitting the bike trails!

    Great week!
    Jenn recently posted…weekly wrap: 5.28.17 – 6.3.17My Profile

  24. Great job with your workouts, you definitely had a tough week but I’m glad to hear that you made it up that hill! The Fork to Farm Fondo sounds awesome, but after running through PA for Ragnar, I don’t think I want to deal with any more hills lol!

  25. Congrats on tackling that hill!

    I forgot about the RunChat hunt! I need to start taking photos – thanks for the reminder 🙂
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted…Global Running Day 2017My Profile

  26. yes, tornados are fast tough workouts and I feel the screen never shows that.
    Abby @BackatSquareZero recently posted…6 Steps to Fight RungerMy Profile

  27. Toni says:

    looks like you had an awesome week!!! I forgot about the RunChatHunt Thanks for the reminder!

  28. Congrats on a great week of training! Love the beautiful sunrise shot. There is nothing better then getting out there at sunrise. It’s an incredible way to start the day!

  29. What an awesome week! I really want to try OTF. I can’t right now since I need to take it easy but can’t wait to try it – seems hard! 🙂

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