Gearing Up For The NYC Half

As I write this, I’m cooling down warming up after completing the last long run of my NYC Half training plan. This time next weekend I will be heading to the Big Apple with a bag packed full of running gear instead of litigation papers, my mind on pacing instead of patent law!

This is my first “destination” race, and I am so excited! While I won’t do my packing until Friday night, I have done a few things to get ready.

Gearing Up For The NYC Half

I learned a few weeks ago that I won’t be able to use my Orange Mud Hydraquiver so I borrowed a Fuel Belt from a woman in my MRTT group, and took it for a test run at last week’s Reston 10 Miler. (Did you see my recap?) Since it worked out well–I won’t blame it for the frost!–it’s in my bag of running gear to take to NYC. The pocket on the Fuelbelt barely fits my phone, so I also will be taking my Roo Sport magnetic pouch for an extra pocket if I decide not to wear a jacket.

Speaking of which, while it’s a bit too soon to start stalking the weather for next weekend, it could be interesting on Sunday morning! 

I’ve also set aside a tube of Nuun, a packet of peanut butter crackers, a packet of Cliff Shock Block Energy Chews, and my Albuterol inhaler.

On Friday night, I will decide on a few options for what to wear (including extra layers I can toss/donate at the start), and make sure I take my Garmin and charger!

Is there anything else I need to be sure not to forget?

Weekly Wrap

This week I focused on recovering from the Reston 10 Miler, which took its usual toll on my calves.

Monday: Cyclebar.
I thought a 6 am indoor cycling class would make for an easier “day after” than my usual 5 am OTF class.

Tuesday: An upper body + core routine from Quick Strength For Runners (<<Amazon affiliate link — check it out!).

Wednesday: OTF
I eased off my treadmill paces a bit, both to give my legs a break and because we were running at incline level 4. My heart rate was higher than usual, which could be a sign of working harder at that incline, or still being tired from the race.

Thursday: 2.5 mile walk
Wednesday night  I got a 75 minute sports massage that focused almost entirely on my calves and piriformis. (My ITBs were in good shape–yay!) My legs needed even more recovery after that, so Thursday morning I opted for a brisk walk instead of a run.

Friday: CPY2 at Core Power Yoga
Anne encouraged us to “play” but I wasn’t ready to try any headstand poses. I did manage to hold crow for longer than usual. 

Saturday: 7.5 mile easy run
I was debating between 6 and 8 miles, and sort of compromised with 7.5 After some balmy weather on Thursday–when I didn’t even need a jacket to walk outside–it was it the 20s again.

I think the birds were wondering where Spring went!

I’m linking up with  Holly and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap and joining Courtney‘s Training Recap link up. 

Will I see you in NYC this weekend?

Do you take a rest day after a sports massage?

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43 Responses to Gearing Up For The NYC Half

  1. Gina says:

    Good luck in NYC! I think we’re all confused about the spring weather! Bring on the sunshine please!!!

  2. Kimberly G says:

    So excited for you to run NYC! I hope that the weather cooperates for you this weekend. I ran the race last year and it was freezing! Thankfully it doesn’t look like it will be as cold this year!
    Kimberly G recently posted…Airbnb Brooklyn Half Marathon Training Recap – Week 2My Profile

  3. HoHo Runs says:

    I use a Roo Pocket for a long race too. But, I do have to take my iPhone out of it’s Otter Box case. I’ve become a pro at doing it quickly. I can get a little sore from a massage (or body work as it’s called at my place) so I usually do take the next day off. I’m so excited for you going on your first destination race. I have no doubt you will have a blast and crush it. Thanks for linking, Coco.

  4. Do you need any kind of a hat/headband for the cool temps? I can’t think of anything else (?). No, I will not be in NYC…but, instead, will be running a 10-miler with Wendy in Chicago πŸ˜‰
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted…Back in the fleece…..My Profile

  5. You are so ready for your half! Cannot wait to hear all about it. Take it easy this week.

  6. Best of luck in NYC! I hope it doesn’t rain or snow at the race! I’ve never been to New York! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!
    Katie Shepherd recently posted…Weekly RecapMy Profile

  7. My sister will be running that too and she has been obsessing about the weather. I hope that it doesn’t rain/snow for you guys. I love my roo sport. I have one of the first versions which is very small but it does still hold my phone. One of the reasons I do not want to upgrade phones bc then I will have to upgrade pouches as well!
    Lacey@fairytalesandfitness recently posted…Weekly Wrap….March 12My Profile

  8. Good luck in NYC! Can’t wait read all about it since it might be on my radar for next year. Our son and dil are moving from Chicago to NYC so I’ll be seeking out races in NY after July.

    Have a fun and safe weekend!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…My Own Worst EnemyMy Profile

  9. Clarinda says:

    Congrats on holding crow a bit longer than usual. πŸ™‚

    I’m so excited for you and your first destination race! I hope the forecast improves and that you have a great race next weekend.
    Clarinda recently posted…Week in Review – 3/12My Profile

  10. I hope your weather and our weather is good for racing next weekend! Right now we are covered in snow? Weird.

    Have a great week!
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…The Arthritis RunnerMy Profile

  11. Marcia says:

    You’re going to love running in NYC. I think you’re all set. Enjoy!
    Marcia recently posted…Cracking the Code on the A’Hole ThyroidMy Profile

  12. Darlene says:

    So excited about your race. I hope to run it someday so I can’t wait to read the recap.

    Hope the weather is warmer than this past weekend.
    Darlene recently posted…Β ο»ΏRunning Update: 2.27.17-3.5.17 and 3.6.17-3.12.17My Profile

  13. sounds like you are ready so time to sit back and get excited! Woo Hoo for NYC- I hope you have a blast!
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…March madness or MBJ 2.0 versionMy Profile

  14. Ah, sports massages . . . hurts so good. I need to book a massage for this weekend.

    We’re forcast to have snow showers sat, but it’s typically a lot warmer in NYC so you lucked out there. Pretty sure it’ll be darn windy though. πŸ™

    I personally like to bring my own breakfasts, especially for race morning. I’m a little particular about food. πŸ™‚
    Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy recently posted…Roaring in: 3/6-12 Weekly WrapMy Profile

  15. Lesley says:

    I have taken a day to recover from a sports massage. My muscles feel battered as the therapist has worked through the knots. I do foam roll during my rest, to help work the muscles gently, and then I’ll stretch. The massage certainly isn’t relaxing, but it’s work that needs to be done.

  16. Best of luck at the NYC Half! Hope the weather works out – would you rather run while it’s snowing or raining?!
    My massage therapist warned me after an hour’s worth of work on my hamstring that I could be sore the next day and to take it easy if I decide to run. I was sore hours later but the next day I felt good and went for an hour trail run. Guess it’s different for everybody.
    Elaine @myRUNexperiment recently posted…Renewed in 60 minutes – On my Weekly WrapMy Profile

  17. Rachel says:

    Have a great week prepping for race day. You’re gonna do great!
    Rachel recently posted…Warm Potato and Dragon Tongue Bean SaladMy Profile

  18. Jenn says:

    Sounds like you are ready to go! It’s definitely going to be chilly (and there may still be snow on the ground), but that will just add to the fun!

    Have so much fun and good luck to you!
    Jenn recently posted…weekly wrap: 3.5.2017 – 3.11.2017 + publix savannah women’s half marathon training week 5My Profile

  19. Best of luck this weekend! I can’t believe that this will be your first destination race. Why did I think that you’d previously traveled for some races?
    Kathryn @ Dancing to Running recently posted…Rock β€˜n’ Roll DC Half Marathon Training Log – Week 10My Profile

  20. De Bolton says:

    Good luck in NYC you sound ready! I admire a runners mental and physical endurance. I hope you get the results you desire and have memorable moments.

  21. Smitha says:

    Good luck in NYC!! And may the weather gods (and the PR gods) be with you πŸ™‚
    Smitha recently posted…Charles Harris 10K with The Kyle Pease FoundationMy Profile

  22. I have been stalking the weather for at least a month (not that I thought it would actually do me any good that far I’ve decided on NOT carrying my own water and I am still undecided on what to wear. I got a Nike dry fit zip up from the lost and found at work and planned to use it as my throwaway but after doing a practice run in it today, I rather like it and am thinking of keeping it..haha. The Temps went down even a few more degrees than what you have posted here so I know I will definitely be wearing pants but don’t know if i’ll go with a jacket over top of my long sleeves or just wear a thicker shirt and no jacket. What are you thinking? -M

  23. Sounds like you will be all set for your race! Hopefully the weather cooperates for you…there is still plenty of time for the forecast to change. Good luck!!

  24. Toni says:

    Good luck! I ran this race a few years back and it was frigid, windy and in the 20s. You never can predict the weather in NY in March. It was a great race though, enjoy it!
    Toni recently posted…If you Want To Change, You Have To Work HardMy Profile

  25. Have a great race this weekend – I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to read about it. Hopefully the weather will warm back up after this cold front we (and NYC) are having now.

  26. Angela says:

    Wow! You have gotten in some great long runs. Sounds like you are ready to go!!

  27. So excited for your NYC race! You’re going to do great! Sorry I’ll miss you, but can’t wait to hear all about it!
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted…March StrideBox RevealMy Profile

  28. Farrah says:

    I hope the NYC half went well for you!! <3 I hope it warms up soon too!!

  29. Mike McLeish says:

    You do so much you must be incredibly fit!!

    Makes me feel a little guilty about my own routine!

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