My First Impression Of The Fresh Market Grocery Store

The Fresh Market Review

I was ridiculously excited for the grand opening of the new Fresh Market grocery store near my house. The shopping center it moved into used to have two grocery stores–a Giant and a Safeway–but they both closed this summer, leaving me without a grocery store on my way home from work. (The Giant I usually shop at is close to home, but not between my house and my office.)

The Fresh Market Review

I marked my calendar for opening day, followed The Fresh Market on Facebook and Twitter so I wouldn’t miss any announcements, and made sure to keep my work calendar clear so I could be there when the doors opened.

The produce section was gorgeous.

The Fresh Market Review

I was impressed by the variety of bulk nuts, grains and seeds.

The Fresh Market ReviewChia, anyone?

I really wasn’t tempted by the bulk candy aisle, but it was too pretty to pass by.

The Fresh Market Review

I was thrilled to see the bulk spices, especially since I had just run out of curry powder.

The Fresh Market Review

My first impression of The Fresh Market is that it is like Whole Foods on a smaller scale, with more regular brand name products–like Chobani® yogurt and Pepperidge Farm bread–and maybe not quite as pricey.

The real test came when I did my weekly grocery shopping at The Fresh Market on Sunday. I went early in the day because I knew it would be busy on its first weekend, but it was already out of a few basics (like celery) and its milk and egg shelves were almost bare. I’m not holding that against them–I hope they see it as a sign of a successful opening weekend.

My grocery list was not very long, and I was able to find everything I needed (except celery!). I got my usual fruits and vegetables (apples, oranges, bananas, cantaloupe, mixed greens, tomatoes), fresh salsa and guacamole, freshly ground extra lean ground beef (from their butcher section), milk, Chobani® yogurt, frozen chocolate-covered bananas, Pirate Booty, and craft beer. They had a number of my other “staples,” but I still had Eggland’s Best® eggs and Kashi® frozen waffles at home, and I was pretty sure that the prices were higher than they are at Giant, so I didn’t feel the need to stock up.

After my first full shopping trip, my The Fresh Market review is pretty positive. I don’t think it will replace Giant as my regularly grocery store, but I am likely to go there once in a while for specialty items (like fresh meat and seafood, bulk nuts and spices, and vegetarian and organic frozen foods), and certainly will stop in on my way home from work when I need something mid-week.

Do you shop at The Fresh Market?

How many different grocery stores do you have to choose from?

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30 Responses to My First Impression Of The Fresh Market Grocery Store

  1. I haven’t been yet. I’m waiting for the opportunity to go without the kids so I can take my time 🙂 I want to know however, how much cheaper than Whole Foods is it really??

    • Coco says:

      I don’t shop at WF enough to compare. I get a feeling that it may come down to shopping the specials and/or buying certain items there — like their meat and fish. I ran in after work to get some Olive Oil Pam (a staple in my house). It was $3.99 which seems about normal, but they had their chicken breasts for $2.99/lb so I got some of those and feel like I came out ahead.
      Coco recently posted…My First Impression Of The Fresh Market Grocery Store My Profile

  2. Andrea says:

    I LOVE Fresh Market. There is one less than a mile from my house and I find myself stopping there all the time to pick up things I’m missing during the week. I try not to do all my shopping there because it is expensive. I get annoyed with their produce sometimes because a lot of it is conventional and much more expensive. You know it came off the same truck that’s headed to Walmart! But, their meat and fish is AMAZING. I have had bad meat and fish from Whole Foods but NEVER had anything bad from Fresh Market. I only shop there for fish now 🙂 Glad you got one!!
    Andrea recently posted…Let’s Talk About Weddings!My Profile

  3. We don’t have a Fresh Market but it sure does look pretty!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted…The Soundtrack of My LifeMy Profile

  4. Linz says:

    very cool! we don’t have a fresh market, but now i want one!!
    Linz recently posted…5 pregnant chicksMy Profile

  5. Philly had a Fresh Market but I didn’t get there often. I’m so jealous of the bulk spices…I’m looking for them everywhere here! I’m used to Wegmans and Whole foods carrying them, but our WF doesn’t.
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted…Cauliflower Mac & Cheese + WIAWMy Profile

  6. I don’t think we have a Fresh Market. We do have Whole Foods that I go to for special items. I’d like to start buying some of their meat, when I can’t order from our Grassfed Beef lady!
    Christa Graham recently posted…Our Family Control CenterMy Profile

  7. No celery! That’s odd.

    It sounds like a store we have here called Sprouts. It’s a less expensive Whole Foods. Sometimes I find their produce doesn’t last as long, but they do have great prices and it’s close to my house.

    Enjoy a convenient and nice store! recently posted…Simple veggie prep – how to blanche vegetablesMy Profile

  8. Marcia says:

    We’ve had TFM here for 5 years, maybe more and I love the Ambience and the way they have it merchandised. I don’t do all my shopping there though. Kombucha is actually cheaper and better selection at Whole Foods. Love their freshly ground nut butters and coffee. Sushi is great too!

  9. Jennifer says:

    Oh, yeah, love me some Fresh Market, and so glad to hear that they’re expanding! I have lived in a bunch of places with trophy grocery stores (Wegman’s, Ukrops, D’Agostino’s), but it’s the Fresh Market I love the most. Can’t wait to live near one again.

  10. I’ve heard good things about Whole Foods and Fresh Market looks like a great place from the pictures you posted! The bulk spices look especially handy… we need something like that around here. (and the bulk candy aisle; I probably should never go there!)

    In town, I have one tiny grocery store option. Usually I get groceries in a neighboring town or at the closest Walmart (1 hour away). I’m not exactly a fan of shopping at Walmart, but it is so much more affordable than buying everything local :s I’m hoping for a solid garden this year so we can have fresh veggies to store away!
    Amy @ {Life to the Full} recently posted…TRUTH Day 06: Be Joyful, Pray Continually, Give ThanksMy Profile

  11. Natasha says:

    I love Fresh Market and wish there were one anywhere near me. The closest is doubtlessly well over 1000 miles away. The deli made food is fantastic, too, and I love their wraps!
    Natasha recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – Think on itMy Profile

  12. Kim says:

    We don’t have anything like that here – we have Dillons which is the grocery store (I think there are probably 10 or so in town) and WalMart (UGH!).
    I love the spice section at that Fresh Market you showed – that would be awesome!!!
    Kim recently posted…Snow Days – Productive or Play?My Profile

  13. Kierston says:

    We don’t have a Fresh Market here…but that bulk spices aisle looks awesome.
    Kierston recently posted…PlantFusion Review + Giveaway: Fusing Plant-Based Protein Into The Mix…My Profile

  14. There’s one down the road from me, it opened a few months back. I like it for a few things, but I admit, I prefer Whole Foods. Mine doesn’t stock too many vegan items and I find it pricer than WF. I also shop at a store called Chamberlain’s in Winter Park, Fresh Market is pretty on par with that store price-wise IMO.
    Shannon @ Girl’s Got Sole recently posted…Interview with Biggest Loser Winner: Rachel FredericksonMy Profile

  15. Sagan says:

    I use a local online grocery delivery system (FREE delivery if spend more than $50 on groceries!), and pick up anything else I need at another local grocery store and / or at Safeway. Sometimes that means that I use all three in one shopping trip, but lately we’ve been doing two-week meal plans so we only have to do all that shopping a couple times each month. Huge plus since we don’t have a car!

    Your Fresh Market store looks pretty awesome!
    Sagan recently posted…Bimuno IMMUNAID product review & giveawayMy Profile

  16. It’s always great to have the option to stop at the store on your way home. I hate the fact that I do not have anything on my way home..I have to go out of my way if I need anything..or wait until traffic slows down so I wait until 7 pm. and continue past my house.
    Running Librarian recently posted…Running at run club? Say What?!My Profile

  17. No fresh markets in DC, but I’ve visited them in other states and really liked them! New grocery stores are fun!
    Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC recently posted…Are We There Yet?My Profile

  18. Cole says:

    Sounds like a great store! My city doesn’t have anything like this, although I wish it did. I do visit the farmer’s market regularly though for fresh produce. And I have to agree, the candy aisle is beautiful!

  19. Marie says:

    I’ve never heard of Fresh Market before. It looks so beautiful! I’ll have to run past that candy section though. There isn’t one near me but there is one near my mom who I will be visiting this weekend so I think we’ll go check it out.
    Marie recently posted…My week in running Feb 3-9My Profile

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