WYCWYC Coast To Coast

Taking 10,000 Steps Over 2400 Miles

I hope you have heard about the #WYCWYC movement started by Roni Noone and championed by Carla Birnberg. The WYCWYC website explains it this way:

Born from a longing to end perfectionist tendencies and the “start tomorrow” mindset, the #wycwyc movement reminds us doing what we can when we can is enough. There is no starting over, no magic day of the week, no throwing away the day. By doing what we can when we can we will reach our goals.

Doing something is ALWAYS better than doing nothing and Incremental shifts add up to change over time.

I took this WYCWYC message to heart when I had to spend last Saturday getting home from my business trip to California. 

WYCWYC Coast to Coast

I had spent the day before sitting in an all day meeting, and was dreading another day of sitting at airports in between sitting on airplanes. I decided to do what I could when I could, and kicked off my efforts by walking to the Starbucks that was about 1/3 mile from my hotel.

Starbucks Cup

When I got through security at my first airport of the day with over an hour to kill before my flight, I decided to walk from one end of the terminal to the other. My efforts were rewarded by this art installation at Gate 1:

Rolling Ball Sculpture by George Rhoads at SJC

I also came across several free health assessment machines during my walk. When I still had time to spare and saw one near my gate, I decided to see how I measured up.

WYCWYC Coast To Coast

Of course, the numbers are just rough estimates,
but at least there were no unpleasant surprises.

When I landed at at my second airport of the day and saw that my next flight was delayed, I decided to walk from one end of the terminal to the other again. I didn’t encounter any more fun art installations, but I did enjoy lots of people watching along the way.

When I landed at my final destination, my only goal was to get home, but it still took many steps to get from the plane to my car.

WYCWYC Coast To Coast

Red bars: Starbucks, Airport 1, Airport 2, Airport 3

When I got home, I was pleased to see how well my WYCWYC efforts paid off, even when I spent over 7 hours of the day with my seatbelt fastened.

Does perfectionism hold you back from doing what you can when you can? 

Have you seen #WYCWYC posts on social media channels?

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11 Responses to WYCWYC Coast To Coast

  1. Elena says:

    Love this- and so true. Sometimes the littlest steps make all the difference. Can I ask which fitness app you are using? I love the look of the graphs (and am trying to figure out what I should use as I try to be more intentional about moving through the day).
    Elena recently posted…Almost 40 and in MenopauseMy Profile

  2. Impressive. It takes effort to make sure you move, but it’s possible. That rolling ball sculpture is pretty neat.
    Carrie@familyfitnessfood.com recently posted…Simple veggie prep – how to blanche vegetablesMy Profile

  3. Awesome post. Way too many people get caught up in the “I’ll start tomorrow” jam and weeks go by without starting. Not just with fitness, everything else too. What I’ve learned is that tomorrow never gets here and the ever popular “I’ll start Monday” makes Mondays disappear from a calendar hehe. If you look for excuses, you’ll find plenty.
    Alma @ A Conquered Mess recently posted…Heroes of the City GiveawayMy Profile

  4. Kim says:

    What a great way to pass the time at the airport and get in some major people watching!!!
    That ball art thing was pretty cool!!
    Kim recently posted…No Room for DramaMy Profile

  5. Tamara says:

    I LOVE to explore airports! Artwork, interesting little shops and lots of people to look at!
    I figure that since you sit the whole time you’re on the plane, the least you can do is explore the airport before you board!
    Tamara recently posted…#40plusfitness sponsor shout out | part 2My Profile

  6. Jen says:

    Great job and way to use your time!
    Jen recently posted…Time to embrace winterMy Profile

  7. I’m so much better about getting caught in the perfectionist trap! Woohoo! I haven’t seen any WYCWYC posts. Man I’ve been missing out!
    Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness recently posted…6 Ways To Create Happiness In Your LifeMy Profile

  8. karen says:

    way to go and so inspirational. I need to get moving, just don’t have any time…though I am sure I could find it somehow.

    Happy Saturday Sharefest.
    karen recently posted…Why I LOVE WinterMy Profile

  9. Diana says:

    Love this! I need to dig out my fitbit and start tracking things again. I’m really impressed that you got so many steps in on a travel day.
    Diana recently posted…“Calories, Calories!”My Profile

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