Fitting It All In

I’ve been looking for a big fat Sharpie® to drawn some boundaries in my life.


Thanks to Carla, I’ve been thinking about leaving margins.girl writing

Even before Tina wrote about it, I was craving more breathing room.

trees and sky

But I find myself

using a smaller

 and smaller font
trying to fit it all in.

desk disaster

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed?

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2 Responses to Fitting It All In

  1. Miz says:

    Im so so so focusing on trying to convey this to the 7 year old too.

  2. yumyucky says:

    I get sooo overwhelmed in the morning. The later I go to bed, the later I wake up, which totally messes up my timing to workout and get the kids ready for school. It's seriously a bunch of unnecessary stress that I'm creating for myself. Going to be early tonight. (thanks for the therapy session, Coco Puff)

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