Why You Should Add Quick Strength For Runners To Your Fitness Routine

I can’t believe there are only two weeks left in 2017. I will be spending this week in a flurry of clearing work deadlines, finishing my Christmas shopping, and wrapping presents. Santa and his elves still have a lot to do! 

My Nativity Scene entry for #RunChatHunt

Looking ahead to 2018, I am hoping for a lot of snow in Utah for our ski trip in January and getting excited about participating in Laura’s Fit and Fueled nutrition program for runners. (Want to join me? Sign up here using COCO for a special discount.) If you are looking for another way to improve your running in 2018, I’d encourage you to check out Quick Strength For Runners. 

Why You Should Add Quick Strength For Runners
To Your Fitness Routine

I’m including an Amazon affiliate link below and will make a small commission if you click through and make a purchase, but this is not a sponsored post, and I have nothing to do with the author or publisher. I just really like this program. 

Quick Strength For Runners is an 8 week strength program specifically designed for runners. It focuses on core strength (a weak core is the source of many running injuries) and includes single-leg balance moves and lateral and twisting moves, as well as more traditional upper and lower body moves. The program is designed for two workouts per week that build from basic to challenging, and take from about 10 to 30ish minutes to complete. 


The program is great for people adding strength training to their routines because it starts with short, easy workouts, but is suitable for people who already workout with weights, because it incorporates challenging moves that target common runner weak spots.

I started the program around this time last year, after hearing rave reviews from my Moms Run This Town group. Since I already had time carved out for strength days, I repeated the easier workouts 2-3 times to build a 45 minute routine. In weeks I wanted a third strength day, I did a mash-up of the two planned workouts for the week.

I was in a fancy hotel gym, but this is all I needed.

I had a lot of business travel in December and January, and the workouts were easy to do in even sparsely equipped hotel gyms. I did a second full cycle of the program over the summer, when I wanted to add a short strength workout to my short run days.

While the program starts off on the easy side, it gets challenging after the first week–and offers more challenging variations if you are up for it. I had to force myself to complete some of the harder core moves that really target weaker muscles. 

Leg circles, I do not like you!

While I forced myself push through moves I didn’t like because they were hard, I did modify some workouts that I thought were of questionable benefit. For example, some workouts include several sets of crunches, which current research indicates is not the most efficient move for core strength. For those workouts, I would do one set of normal crunches, but then do a different variation for other sets. There’s also one workout near the end that includes an insane number of push-ups. While I think push-ups are a great strength move, there’s a point of diminishing return for any exercise, so I cut some of them out! On the whole, though, I found the workouts to be well-balanced and effective. 

I ended up buying–and using–both the digital and paper versions of Quick Strength For Runners. I liked having the book for the background information and comprehensive explanations of the different exercises and modifications,and I liked having the digital version for when I was travelling or wanted to do a workout at my office gym. (The digital version has the same content as the book, and does have hot links from the routines to the exercise explanations). 

If you are ready to work strength training into your fitness routine or want to find out more, you can check out Quick Strength for Runners on Amazon << < affiliate link.

Weekly Wrap

Weekly WrapI’ve got almost no pictures 
documenting my workouts for
the Weekly Wrap link up
hosted by Holly and Tricia,
but I kept up with my routine:

Monday: strength workout at home 
Tuesday: Cyclebar
Wednesday: OTF
Thursday: strength workout at home 
Friday: Core Power Yoga 
Saturday: 6 mile run
Sunday: Cyclebar

This is what happens when it “snows” in Northern Virginia.
The roads are treated but no one clears the sidewalks! 

Do you have a good strength training program? 

Have you made any fitness goals for 2018?

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29 Responses to Why You Should Add Quick Strength For Runners To Your Fitness Routine

  1. You had a great week of workouts! So glad I got to cycle with you today

  2. Wendy says:

    You know I’m all about that strength! Runners need to focus on hips and glutes. Core is important but I’m with you on the crunches. Not the best move for what we need. Still, this program sounds like a good place to start.
    Wendy recently posted…Baby It’s Cold Outside!My Profile

  3. Kim G says:

    Congrats on a great week of workouts!

    I am a huge believer in incorporating strength training into weekly workouts, especially when training for a race!
    Kim G recently posted…Weekly Wrap: One Week Till Christmas!My Profile

  4. I’m a strong believer in P90X for strength work (and I say that as a NON BeachBody rep). I actually plan to do some of the program in January, after my streak ends. This strength workout sounds intriguing!
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted…SignificanceMy Profile

  5. Sara says:

    Great job with your workouts and thanks for the tip with that book! I’ll for sure have to add that to my cart. Getting a stronger core is a top priority for me in 2018!

  6. Catherine says:

    I have that book and I’ve followed it through the first 4 week. It’s probably what I’ll pick up for this week to get back into cross training. The positive is that I do feel like the moves really target those areas needed for runners without stressing my body out so much that my runs are harder. The negative is that I found it really boring.

  7. I picked up that book after seeing you mention it earlier this year. Of late I’ve been all about kettlebells. I have no doubt that strength training is a must for me to stay injury-free.

  8. Lesley says:

    I do strength training almost every day. It as crucial that I get my core and hip strength up to par to cope with my ITBS. Now I need to do more quad work on top of that due to my next race. It’ll be very hilly, and I want every muscle to be ready.

  9. Marcia says:

    I attribute strength training to my early and rapid success with running. Building/keeping muscle on the body is SO important, especially as we age. Glad you like the program! No goals yet for 2018. Let’s just say I’m living “in the moment”. Haha!

  10. Strength training is key! This looks like a good one! I’m getting back to doing my Iron Strength workouts which are hard but so worth it!

  11. I totally agree! Strength has helped me get better as a runner

  12. HoHo Runs says:

    QTFR sounds like a well rounded routine. The most important thing is to find something you enjoy and can therefore stick with. Currently, I do a hip/glute routine twice weekly mostly using exercises learned at PT. I also add a few upper body and core exercises to round it out. Hope those elves getting everything done this week. Thanks for linking!

  13. Teresa says:

    I get emails regarding this program quite frequently and have always been intrigued by it. Maybe the hubs and I will start this after our marathon next month. It sounds like it would fit in well with our weight sessions at the gym.
    Teresa recently posted…Marathon Training Week 15: Falalalalalalalong RunsMy Profile

  14. I think ST makes a huge difference, but I also did think a gazillion of any exercise is worthwhile. One great rep is better than lots of terrible reps!

    I have eyed this book, but at the moment I have a different routine I’m doing. Someday, maybe!
    Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy recently posted…5 Reasons Believe is my 2018 WordMy Profile

  15. Sounds interesting. I would like to have this book.

  16. Adding strength to my fitness routine is essential for me and I would love to have this program, Coco. Thanks for the suggestion!

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