Runfessions And Resolutions

For the last “last Friday” of the year, it seems fitting to pair my runfessions with resolutions. But before I get to all that, I want to remind you mark your new calendars for our first Ultimate Coffee Date link up of 2017 next Saturday, January 7th. Deborah and I hope to see you there!

Big thanks to Marcia for hosting the monthly runfessions link up, and to Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness for hosting the Friday Five 2.0 link up.

Runfessions and Resolutions

1. I runfess that I did not really “train” for any of my 2016 races, and it showed. Yes, I somehow managed to run my fastest Reston 10 Miler ever, but my other finish times were 2nd best or slower.

Do I resolve to train more next year? Well … I am committed to training for the NYC Half Marathon in March, but I am more focused on getting comfortable with the 13.1 mile distance than pushing for a specific time goal.  

2. I runfess that I’ve gotten bored with my neighborhood running route. As exhausting as my business trips are, I love that they (usually) take me to such great favorite running cities. When I’m home, I find it harder to get motivated to head out for a run unless I have time to drive to a scenic route.

I resolve to appreciate every run, even if the views aren’t insta-worthy.

3. I runfess that I turned into a bit of a studio class junkie–Orange Theory Fitness, Core Power Yoga, CycleBar, Revolve–I love them all. The problem is, there aren’t enough days in the week to enjoy them all plus running, cycling and strength training, so I rarely take a rest day. 

I resolve to listen to my body and remember that rest is essential.

4. I runfess that cycling became more of a priority. Yes, I am still a runner at heart, but since I am less choosy about my running weather, I am more willing to reschedule a long run in order to fit in a bike ride with my husband. The highlight of our cycling year was the Farm to Fork Fondo, which forced me to give it my all and earn that dairy-fresh ice cream! 

I resolve to keep venturing outside my comfort zone on my bike, and accompany my husband on more epic bike rides. 

5. I runfess that nutrition became less of a priority. I could blame my business trips and client dinners, but the truth is, I was just as indulgent at home. While I only have a few extra pounds to show for a more than a few months of excess, I need to get a handle on my healthy habits before they escape me.

 I resolve to get back to my senses and be more choosy about my indulgences. 

What are you runfessing for 2016?

What are you resolving for 2017?

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43 Responses to Runfessions And Resolutions

  1. I feel you on the running route! As much as I try to mix it up, I do get bored running around my ‘hood. Now that the snow has melted, I can branch out again to the trails.

    Yep, time to get back on track with the foods…
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…Runfessions: December EditionMy Profile

  2. I totally hear you on the running route boredom! I feel the same way lately with DC races all using the same route and I think I will scale back on downtown races this year due to that! Cheers to a strong 2017!

  3. My running has taken some what of a back seat for a few weeks. Training for and running 2 marathons in 2016 put be close to burn out / bore out, so I am doing a lot more full body workouts and weights at the moment and loving the variety. Those indulgences ? Yeah, those happen on the road and at home too !
    Karen @ Fit in France recently posted…Runfessions : DecemberMy Profile

  4. I have been bad nutrition wise myself and need to get back to getting healthier. I probably should have runfessed that I ate almost an entire banana cream pie at Christmas by myself. Yes definitely need to get back to healthy eating.

  5. Steena says:

    Do you do your neighborhood runs backwards ever? Or loop differently? Stuff like that? I rarely get bored with my neighborhood runs, it’s comforting I guess. I like the layout of your runfession/resolve here!
    Steena recently posted…2016 tidbits from my triathlete lifeMy Profile

  6. I agree there is not enough time or days to go to all the classes I love either. It’s a struggle πŸ™‚ Happy new year!
    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner recently posted…New (Old) Songs To Spice Up your Workout MixMy Profile

  7. That’s wonderful you and your husband can spend time together cycling. My hubby and I used to do that together. Sometimes I love running my boring neighborhood loop. I am a creature of habit for sure, and it is “homey” if that makes sense. But I will have random days where I just do NOT want to run in my “boring” hood. Boy I can be finicky!

    The one nutrition thing I have been really slacking on the last month or two is *when* I eat. I haven’t been properly fueling post workout and I have been eating dinner much to close to bedtime. I’d like to fix this!

  8. Darlene says:

    I’m with you on the running routes. I’m getting bored and it’s hard to find dry places in the winter and lit places after work.

    I want summer back!!!

    I did not get in (for the 4th time) to the NYC half!!!!!!!! Lucky you!

    I so overdid the holiday desserts and snacks.!!
    Darlene recently posted…Friday Five 2.0 – Winter RunningMy Profile

  9. Orange Theory is something I want to try next year! However, I will runfess that I want a location with free parking and close to where I work or live. πŸ™‚

  10. I think biking with your husband will help your marriage — and will also help your running. All that cross training!

    I wish I could indulge without gaining much. Even when I don’t indulge much, it just seems to come on in the winter! I find it really frustrating.

    I can’t even imagine how amazing it must be to run around DC. I lived in MD one year before I got married — I used to love to walk around DC (long before I was a runner) and did a lot of walking in some pretty areas near home, too. There was some kind of park/home right across the street.

    Have a great 2017, Coco!
    Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy recently posted…Runfessions: Goodbye 2016!My Profile

  11. I know I need make nutrition more of a priority next year. I always think I’m doing well but in the end I know I could always do better!

  12. I love your “runfessions!” How awesome it is that your job allows you to travel and see so many beautiful places! I totally understand how scenery at home gets a little old. I love where we have moved but I’ve been running here for 2 years since we bought this lot on the lake! Definitely need a change of scenery at times. I think that is great you and your hubby ride bikes together! Good luck training for the NYC Half and Happy New Year!

  13. My neighborhood running routes have left me bored too. I’m going to have to try your idea of driving to more scenic locales when time allows.

    I think it’s great that you’ve enjoyed the cycling and all of the studio classes – variety keeps things interesting!

    Good luck with your NYC training – we can keep each other motivated πŸ˜‰
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted…Santa Must be a RunnerMy Profile

  14. You’re lucky to have such a selection of exercise classes at your disposal! You certainly do a great job taking advantage of everything πŸ˜‰ I need to ease up on my sugar intake….fortunately, I don’t have a weight issue, but I know I’m indulging more than I should.
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted…Runfessions…the Truth Comes OutMy Profile

  15. I get tired of running the same route near my house as well. I try to change it up every so often. I want to get more into cycling and hoping 2017 is the year for that.
    Happy 2017!

  16. Denise says:

    Great blog. I too get bored with my route. I recently wrote a blog post about things to help runners stay motivated. Check out my blog We are all in this together πŸ™‚

  17. Brandi says:

    Having the cycling with your hubs as an option is a good trade for running!

  18. Rachel says:

    My routes have gotten stale, too. I try to switch it up to keep things fresh but there are only so many places to go! Lol.

    Happy New Year!
    Rachel recently posted…Runfessions β€” Friday Five 2.0 style!My Profile

  19. I run in the neighborhoods around here probably 90% of the time. Not exciting at all. I need to get out of my rut…

    And I’ve been trying really hard this week to eat healthy and have done pretty well. Tomorrow I’ll probably gain back what I lost, but at least I didn’t gain it on top of where I was LOL.
    MCM Mama Runs recently posted…Final post of 2016: Year in PicturesMy Profile

  20. Jenn says:

    You have had some really cool cycling adventures this year. I hope to start adding some to my calendar in 2017.

    Love that you had such a great year! I’m looking forward to 2017 and all the fun things we have planned!
    Jenn recently posted…arm pocket review + giveawayMy Profile

  21. Tamieka says:

    I runfess that running is so boring to me now πŸ™ . I think I need a change of scenery and so.e ruming buddies.

    I resolve to look into ways to love running again and actively seek running buddies.

  22. I resolve to get back in the nutrition train, too! Happy New Year!
    Nicole @ Fitful Focus recently posted…The Best Allergy-Friendly Recipes of 2016My Profile

  23. Jennifer says:

    I runfess..I was also very indulgent this year as well (and into my injury – which did not help).

  24. Not having enough days in the week to be able to enjoy all of the activities that you enjoy isn’t a bad problem, except when it comes to being able to let your body rest. Here’s to finding a better balance in 2017.
    Kathryn @ Dancing to Running recently posted…Friday Five – Five Possible Races to Run in 2017My Profile

  25. Marcia says:

    I am impressed with how committed you were to studio classes and cycling this year. I resolve this year to use more of the club we belong to in 2017, rather than just the pool and free weight section.

  26. I runfess I can’t use a fuel belt because my hip to waist ratio does not work, so I use a Camelbak – and while I love it I swear to heavens there is no way to clean it well. I may or may not be drinking bacteria mixed Nuun every time. The first few sips tasted a little off this morning – but I runfess I wanted the water enough I didn’t stop.

    • Coco says:

      Have you tried the Orange Mud Hydraquiver? I love mine! Also, the Nathan hydration packs are much easier to clean. The bladder is a rectangle that opens fully on one edge, so I turn inside out to wash and dry. That leaves the tubing, but I run hot water through it and blow it out – so far no ooginess. πŸ™‚
      Coco recently posted…New Year, New GoalsMy Profile

  27. I find comfort in my normal weekday running routine πŸ™‚ I do have to make cross training activity a bigger priority for 2017!
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…Not the year end I expected…………My Profile

  28. Great running goals! I really like the one about enjoying every run despite no insta-worthy runs. I get bored a lot on my runs too and always want to find cool trails like those you see on instagram – but a run is a run, and we should be grateful we can even do so!
    Patty @ Reach Your Peak recently posted…2016 Reflections + 2017 GoalsMy Profile

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