Nearly Fat Free Coleslaw Recipe

Healthy Coleslaw Made With Chobani

I love coleslaw–nothing goes better with a pulled pork sandwich!–but I am wary of the fat content of deli-made slaws. When I first decided to make my own coleslaw, I could not find any dressings that did not have the nutrition profile of a full-fat, creamy salad dressing. Since I’m often fixing coleslaw to go with cookout food, I don’t want what should be a healthy side dish to add so much calories and fat to my plate. I knew that you can use plain yogurt as a substitute for sour cream in many recipes, so I searched for a yogurt-based coleslaw recipe. The recipe I found on the Chobani website was perfect–delicious, nutritious, and easy once I modified it with my short-cuts.

My variation of the recipe from the Chobani website is set out below. (My short-cuts include using packaged coleslaw blends instead of shredding my own cabbage and carrots, and using bottled lemon juice.) It makes a huge amount of coleslaw–enough for a party or potluck. When I make it for my family, I cut the recipe in half, and we still have enough for dinner and leftovers.

Here is the approximate nutrition information from the Chobani website:

Calories 50, Calories from Fat 5, Total Fat 0g, Saturated Fat 0g, Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 0mg, Sodium 320mg, Total Carbohydrate 10g, Dietary Fiber 2g, Sugars 6g, Protein 3g.

I have no idea what serving size that is based on, but the only fat in the recipe comes from the tablespoon of mayonnaise, and when that is spread over so many servings, it won’t add up to much.

Nearly Fat Free Coleslaw

By Coco Published: September 25, 2013

  • Prep: 10 mins

Healthy Coleslaw Made With Chobani I love coleslaw--nothing goes better with a pulled pork sandwich!--but I am wary of the fat …



  1. Mix all ingredients except coleslaw mix until well blended to make dressing.
    Fat Free Coleslaw
  2. Put coleslaw blend into large bowl.
  3. Pour dressing over coleslaw blend and toss until evenly coated.
  4. Serve immediately or refrigerate until serving.
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5 Responses to Nearly Fat Free Coleslaw Recipe

  1. MIZ says:

    hmmm now Im wondering if Id like this sansMAYO?
    If I could taste the mayo?!
    I hate mayo 🙂
    MIZ recently posted…Three reasons why I advocate the family meal.My Profile

  2. Jo Biddle says:

    This looks so good! Going to try it this week.
    BTW, remind me to send you lemon juice!

  3. Lemon juice…oh I bet it taste so good in your coleslaw!
    Kierston @candyfit recently posted…Birthday Intentions….My Profile

  4. My husband is a huge fan of coleslaw. I should make this for him sometime!
    Juli @ 1000lovelythings recently posted…What I ate Wednesday #10 – Give me some Butternut SquashMy Profile

  5. I like making Coleslaw with no mayo or yogurt. Just olive oil for me! 🙂
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted…¡Ay, Caramba! – Guest PostMy Profile

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