My iPod Nano Was Possessed By My Yurbuds

Why The Yurbuds® Inspire Talk Weren’t For Me

I had heard so many great things about Yurbuds®, when my Zippearz® went bust just before the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run, I knew it was time to give Yurbuds® a try. Since I also needed new earbuds for my iPhone, I decided to try the “talk” model, which includes a microphone.

I had sizing/comfort issues with the set I bought at Best Buy, but I was able to exchange them for a smaller style through Yurbuds® customer service.


 I ended up with this pretty blue set.

They worked great at first–they were comfortably snug and did not fall out–just like they promise! I was travelling a lot, and mostly used them with my iPhone at first. I loved the start/stop button on the microphone, which also answers/hangs up the phone. This feature was really great for races, since I could get my playlist ready to go, put my phone away in my fuel belt, and be able to start my music without having to fumble with everything after the start gun went off.

I also used them with my iPod nano, which is what I usually run with unless I’m racing or travelling. While the start/stop feature worked just as well, my nano started acting strangely. If I was listening to the radio, it might jump to a playlist. If I was listening to a playlist, it might randomly speed up the songs (does the nano even have this as an option anywhere?). To avoid getting completely pissed off during my last race, I had to treat it like a fartlek variation and see how far I could get before my song changed.

I figured that the start/stop button was getting bumped as it bounced against my skin, but that couldn’t explain the next thing that started happening.

I could be listening to the radio or a playlist, and all of a sudden my nano would start talking to me! Usually, she would start reading the names of all of my playlists. Even if the home screen was showing the clock or the radio, she would read the playlists.

My iPod Nano Was PossessedYou can imagine how well she pronounced that first one!

I checked every setting possible.

My iPod Nano Was Possessed

When I found the VoiceOver option, I was sure that was the source of the problem.

My iPod Nano Was Possessed

But even when I triple checked that that feature was OFF, she would interrupt my run with a recitation of my playlists. I was left with one conclusion: my iPod nano was possessed.

I reset the settings to factory settings, but that didn’t help.

I hooked it up to my PC and reset if from there, and that worked–for one run. 🙁

As I racked my brain trying to figure out what could be going on, I finally became suspicious of the Yurbuds®. I asked people who loved them which model they had, and nobody had the “Talk.” I tried using my nano with standard Apple earbuds, and I could listen to my music without hearing about my other playlists!  Aha!

I reached out to Yurbuds® customer service again, but they hadn’t heard of similar problems. I couldn’t return my Yurbuds® to Best Buy because I no longer had the product they had sold me. I was outside the time period for another Yurbuds® exchange, but the customer service representative who I was communicating with by email had mercy on me. She offered to send me a replacement set, but since I think the “talk” feature was to blame, I downgraded to the regular Inspire model. She even let me pick a color, and I picked green for a change of luck.

My iPod Nano Was Possessed

I got them last week and took them for a sweaty 9 mile test run this weekend.

Not only did they stay in, but my nano was back to its reliable old self!

Have you ever had a device act like it was possessed?

Did you ever figure out the problem?

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21 Responses to My iPod Nano Was Possessed By My Yurbuds

  1. Kathleen says:

    I was thrilled when I got my first pair of these earbuds and as much as I love the fact that they stay in my ears I can't stand how noisy there are. By the end of my run I'm about out of my mind from all the noise in my ears and not from my music :). I still haven't quite figured out what causes all the noise but I have a sneaky suspicion that the earbud "stems" are clanging against my earrings. So frustrating!!

  2. Nothing like earbuds staying where they are supposed to…in your ears! lol

  3. christineyu69776410 says:

    That's crazy! I've been using Yurbuds for years. Love them as they don't move when I run. I have the regular Inspires now. Glad I didn't try to get the ones compatible with my iphone!

  4. Carrie says:

    That's so bizarre. I do love reading an honest review and knowing that not every product is perfect for everyone. Glad the less fancy model worked with your ipod 🙂

  5. jillconyers says:

    That is so strange! Gotta love good customer service.

  6. Angie says:

    Great post CoCo. I ave been toying with getting them as both my daughters and my ear buds are only working on one side – dye to sweat damage one has shorted out! She saw the Yurbuds and knowing you ad gotten some I told her to wait until you gave a review 🙂 So now I know, don't get the talk version. Hats off to their customer service dept! They sound great!!!

  7. Glad the down-graded earphones work better. Possessed ear buds are not good – I already don't really like ear buds and that would probably send me over the edge!!

  8. Meghan says:

    I have some yurbuds – haven't been possessed yet, but I'll be on the watchout!

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Yes! I found your blog because I just had the same problem, but withy iPhone. My Yurbuds are brand new and this was my first run with them. I use the Nike app when I run and less than 4 miles in, my phone started trying to open Voice Command, they were crackling, going in and out of songs and worst of all, they would pause my run every few seconds. I finally ripped them out of my ears and I will be returning them today.

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  11. Marcus says:

    I have a very similar problem with my iPod Nano (7th Gen). I’m not using the same type of earbuds you describe (I use a Skull Candy set that has similar features, including the microphone for iPhone use and the start/stop touch button). My problems rarely occur while I am running, however, but usually occur while I am lifting weights in the gym. It’s not every day, and it comes and goes. I had been suspecting some kind of Bluetooth radio frequency interference from one of my fellow gym patrons, but I will now try some different ear buds. Thanks for the post.

  12. Kim Villamagna says:

    This is too funny. My 7th generation ipod nano was “possessed” too. I figured it was a setting problem and turned to google to find a solution. The first hit directed me to this blog and surprise, surprise, I also was using Yurbuds Inspire Talk earbuds! I had switched to Coloud Pop earbuds (also with a mic) and had the same problem. After reading this I switched back to my old Sony earbuds and everything was fine. I just ordered a pair of Yurbuds with no mic.
    Thanks for posting this. Really helped me. 🙂

  13. Doris Flaherty says:

    Found your post bc I was searching the same problem! I am a fitness instructor, so as you can imagine that when I am trying to start a class and my ipod decides to read my ENTIRE playlist this can get problematic! Sometimes, for the sake of staying on time in class, I have to teach with her talking over the song, talk about annoying my members. Like you, I’ve looked at every setting to no avail. Now, here is the kicker for me, I just use the earbuds that came with my ipod and as far as I’ve noticed, my problem only occurs when I plug into the stereo at the gym. BUT, it is sooo random as to when it actually happens AND it happens randomly at two different gyms, so changing earbuds won’t affect that. I’d love to find someone out there with a solution!

  14. Doris Flaherty says:

    At $30 a call, I was kind of hoping I’d need them for something else before I called. I do get Costco concierge but they didn’t know. I think it such the ‘today it does it, next day doesn’t thing’ I just don’t get, settings shouldn’t be just randomly changing or anything and none of the other instructors I work with, and four of them using the same nano version as me, have this problem.

  15. Mary says:

    I have this problem and it’s driving me crazy!! I bought a new pair of yurbuds and they worked for a few months before they started the same craziness. Then I bought another pair and they were crazy out of the box. Alas! I threw away the receipt. I thought it may be time for a new iPod. Still an issue!! Now I have a brand new iPod, brand new yurbuds (x2!) and now music!!! I have a marathon in two weeks!!! I’m going to the Apple Store tomorrow and am leaving a message with yurbuds. We will see if we can figure out this nonsense. I’ll let you know if I discover anything!

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