Wednesday Workout: 30 Minutes Of Speed Intervals

In an effort to keep my weight steady through this holiday season, I have challenged myself to fit in 30 minutes of cardio every day through the New Year. One way to make the most of a short workout is to do intervals, and my favorite type of interval workout is speed intervals on the treadmill.

Here’s what I did last week, after my warm-up:

30 Minute Speed Interval Workout
0-2 min: 6.5 mph
2-3 min: 6.3 mph
3-5 min: 6.5 mph
5-6 min: 6.3 mph
6-8 min: 6.5 mph
8-9 min: 6.3 mph

9-11 min: 6.7 mph
11-12 min: 6.3 mph
12-14 min: 6.7 mph
14-15 min: 6.3 mph
15-17 min: 6.7 mph
17-18 min: 6.3 mph

18-20 min: 6.9 mph
20-21 min: 6.3 mph
21-23 min: 6.9 mph
23-24 min: 6.3 mph
24-26 min: 6.9 mph
26-27 min: 6.3 mph

27-28 min: 7.1 mph
28-29 min: 6.3 mph
29-30 min: 7.1 mph

I followed this up with a short cool down: 2 min of running at 5.7 mph, and 3 min of walking at 3.7 mph. It was a fun workout and I felt strong.

A few hours later my right knee felt wonky, but after an evening of icing, it was fine the next day. I don’t know if that flare-up was a coincidence or caused by this workout–only the intervals at 7.1 mph felt really challenging.

How do you decide if a specific workout caused an injury?

Do you try it again to see what happens?

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5 Responses to Wednesday Workout: 30 Minutes Of Speed Intervals

  1. Congrats on the new site! Speed workouts are the most common culprit for me… it doesn't mean I won't do them again, but I"m more careful about the timing or intensity. I'm glad it felt fine the next day!

  2. Looks great here!! Your comment set up is a little different. Like it.

    I'm with Laura, I think speed intervals hurt me sometimes too. Although I seem to have lots of aches and pains, so who knows.

  3. Christine says:

    Congrats on your new site!! Looks great. Like Laura, speed work is usually the reason my knee starts feeling wonky. I do tend to try to workout again or test my knee in some other way to try to figure out what's wrong or how I hurt it. Probably not the smartest thing…

  4. MizFit says:

    you looook PURDY!!

    and we both know Im no help on the tread/running stuff.

    and WIMPY when it comes to injuries.

    I rest! I rest!

  5. Carolyn says:

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