Walk O’Clock

Awake before my alarm,
I grab my phone to check the time.
Her tail starts thumping.
How does she know
It’s walk o’clock?

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7 Responses to Walk O’Clock

  1. Jane says:

    lol, as soon as I open my drawer and get out a pair of socks and my dog knows its walk time. She stars wagging her tail then runs and gets her toy.

  2. Carrie says:

    I keep the leashes by the door to the garage (we almost always go out that way). My dogs watch expectantly EVERY time I leave to see if my hand moves towards them. They especially go nuts when I take the kids to school and return home quickly. That's usually the sign of a walk to come. I swear they know the word walk or understand when I say it's coming up later.

    What's Tiger Lily holding in her mouth?

  3. Ama_Runs says:

    Haha! Walk o'clock. I love it!

    • Coco says:

      It's one of my shoes! She picks up one of my husband's slippers as soon as we start to stir in the morning. If she sees me getting dressed, she picks up one of my shoes to help! 😉

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