Variety Spices Up My Weight Training Routine

My routine for my “weights” day has lots of variety. Today I started with my usual dog walk, taking the loop that makes it a bit more than 1 mile.  My dog keeps a good pace and we cover some serious hills, so its a nice wake-up warm-up.  When we got back I fixed a protein shake (Beverley Chocolate Muscle Provider – yum!) so I would have enough energy for my workout. I got my heart rate up with 15 min of forward/reverse intervals on the elliptical. Then I did my 35 min free weights super-sets routine :

  • dead lifts/push-ups
  • lunges/bicep curls
  • squats/overhead press
  • plie squats/lateral raises
  • side-lying leg lifts/skull-crushers/crunches

I do 3 sets of each move, with 12-15 reps for each set.  I don’t usually rest in between sets, but I may take my time switching weights or grabbing a sip of water .

I didn’t used to like doing weights, but now I really do–and actually look forward to it.  Maybe its the variety of my routine or the satisfaction I get completing each rep, each set, and feeling strong.

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  1. workout mommy says:

    great job! i always like to have variety in my routine too…seems to keep my mind from wandering off!

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