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Making Hard Happen

Hard Is Where It Happens is the workout mantra I draw on when my muscles start whining and I want to quit–or at least skip those last few reps and take a breather. I remind myself that in order to get … Continue reading

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Pondering A Destination Race

I’ve never done a destination race. When I first started running I signed up for the Virginia Beach Half Marathon, but work forced my first DNS and left me once bitten, twice shy about signing up for an out-of-town race. … Continue reading

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What Is Your Motivation Today?

So much has been written about motivation, and for good reason. It takes consistency and discipline to reach our health and fitness goals, and motivation is what drives us to make those choices that keep us on a path to success. … Continue reading

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Facing Up To The Truth

It’s the last Friday of the month, the day that Marcia encourages us to take an honest look into our running shoes and cleanse our soles with our runfessions. Since I’ve got five things to runfess, I’m also linking up with Courtney, … Continue reading

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Running After The Next Accomplishment

Runners tend to be goal-oriented. We sign up for a race, plan for it, train for it, and show up for it, and before we’ve had a chance to add our shiny new medals to our overloaded medal racks, we already … Continue reading

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