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Running After The Next Accomplishment

Runners tend to be goal-oriented. We sign up for a race, plan for it, train for it, and show up for it, and before we’ve had a chance to add our shiny new medals to our overloaded medal racks, we already … Continue reading

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Captivated By Dynamic Sculptures

Art is one of the many things I’ve grown to appreciate more as I’ve gotten older, and since my husband and kids all enjoy visiting modern art museums its one of the few things we still do together that doesn’t … Continue reading

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Building Confidence For Climbing

Last weekend my husband, son and I went to a local indoor climbing gym. My son started climbing at college, and it was one of the things I wanted to do with him this summer. Before we went I warned … Continue reading

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A Pragmatic Love Story — Vinegar Girl Book Review

Sometimes the Wednesday Word relates to something I’ve been thinking about. Sometimes it fits well with a recent experience. But this week, it fits me to a T. When I looked up pragmatic, I thought any of the definitions could describe … Continue reading

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Overcoming Visceral Fear

Cycling scares me. More particularly, climbing a steep hill while clipped in scares me. And for good reason. I’ve had my share of falls and bloody knees when I didn’t have quite enough momentum or wasn’t in the right gear … Continue reading

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