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Five Frustrating Things

While I am an optimist at heart and usually have a positive outlook, I’m not immune to life’s little frustrations. From #bloggerprobs t0 #fitnessprobs to #firstworldprobs — last weekend I experienced them all. Luckily for me (see, I really am … Continue reading

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Five Things That Frustrate Runners

Today’s Friday Five theme is “favorites” but since today is tax day* I thought it might be more fitting to share five things that frustrate runners. *If you aren’t ready to file your taxes yet, this year you actually have … Continue reading

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Ticked Off Traveler

I’m barely back from vacation and while you’d probably rather see my pictures of the Grand Canyon (stay tuned!) I couldn’t resist the opportunity to get some things off my chest with the That Time of the Month link up … Continue reading

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Five Annoying Things

I’m taking a break from my usual positivity to vent about five things that have been annoying me. 1. Jeopardy, Jeopardize.I can never spell these words correctly on the first try. Or the second. I usually resort to typing j-, … Continue reading

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Respect The Bird

No Christmas Before Thanksgiving! Remember when stores used to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to put up their Christmas decorations? They’ve been pushing that date back earlier and earlier, and now it seems like Halloween marks the starting line … Continue reading

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