Give A Good Luck Box To Your Favorite Runner

I can’t believe my first race of 2016 is less than two weeks away! It would be a lie to say I haven’t been training for it–I’ve been doing hill repeats on the treadmill and choosing hilly routes for my weekend long runs–but I don’t feel like I am in shape to set a PR. Honestly, I’m not in the mood to push myself that hard for that long, but maybe I’ll find some race day mojo between now and then.

Good Luck Box
Speaking of race day mojo, have you heard of the Good Luck Box? It’s a gift box full of running-related goodies that you can send to a friend or family member (or even yourself!) for support and encouragement before a race. The people behind the Good Luck Box sent me and the other members of the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run social media team a preview of the custom Good Luck Box for the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run, and it is amazing! 

Good Luck Box Preview

As soon as I opened the box, I was impressed by the presentation!
And these shoelaces will look good in my new Mizunos.

Good Luck Box

“You got this!” is one of my race-day mantras,
and who doesn’t appreciate a lucky penny?

Good Luck Box

The contents of the box blew me away.

Good Luck Box

I’ve tried subscription boxes, and was lucky to like half of the contents, but I am thrilled with everything in this Good Luck Box. Who wouldn’t love a mini foam roller? Body Glide can be a runner’s best friend, and I know so many runners who rave about Balega socks! 

As explained on the Good Luck Box website, the contents of each box is tailored to the event and will include racing products and nutritional items, race day essential items, race tips, running friendly recipes, and more. When ordering a box, you select whether the recipient is male or female, provide information on the race and their goal, and have an option to add a personalized message. I think this is such a good idea, I am making a list of friends I want to send some “good luck” before their spring races.

As for my own training, here’s a recap of my week for the Weekly Wrap link up hosted by Holly and Tricia. Make sure you check it out for motivation and encouragement.

Monday: 45 minute full-body strength training workout.

Tuesday: 45 minute treadmill workout with incline intervals up to level 3 and speed intervals up to 7.0 mph.

Wednesday: 45 minute indoor cycling class.

Thursday: 5 mile run outside! I swapped my usual route with only one hill for a different route with lots of hills. 

5 Mile Hilly Route  
Friday: 30 minute full-body strength training workout.

Saturday: 10 mile hilly run. 

Hilly Run

My Garmin VivosmartHR counted all those hills as 83 flights of stairs. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sunday: 15 mile bike ride outside. We were planning on 25-30 miles, but the rain started a few hours earlier than predicted. Still, it was nice to get on my bike. 

Have you heard of the Good Luck Box?

Do you have any monthly subscription boxes?  

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34 Responses to Give A Good Luck Box To Your Favorite Runner

  1. ooh those look like great gifts for friends!
    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner recently posted…Part 2- Ageless Fitness: Women’s views on fitness as they ageMy Profile

  2. HoHo Runs says:

    Geez at the hills Coco. Those are intense. I have not heard of the Good Luck Box but think it is an ingenious concept. What runner wouldn’t want that to arrive before a race? I’ve never tried subscription boxes for the reason you cited. I figured much of it would not be appealing. The rain started earlier here today too, I’m glad I had finished my run. Thanks for linking with us.
    HoHo Runs recently posted…Just A Normal Week (WW # 29)My Profile

  3. Well how fun is that? I love it!

    Looks like you had a good week of training! We just need the good weather to stay…
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…Big Sur Marathon Training–Week 3My Profile

  4. Karen says:

    Wow, the good luck box is amazing! I love Balega socks.
    You had a great training week. Those long uphill climbs are the worse! Nice job:)
    Those hills are making you strong, you may surprise your self race day ๐Ÿ™‚
    Karen recently posted…Another One DownMy Profile

  5. Bradley says:

    The Good Luck Box looks fantastic! Alas, it does not ship to Canada (I checked). You guys are so spoiled in the US! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Bradley recently posted…Recovery WeekMy Profile

  6. Kelli says:

    Those good luck boxes are a super cute idea! And wow, I’m crying a little while looking at your hilly runs. That is one thing I haven’t been doing much of but will need to before I get to my A race of the season in early June. Great week!
    Kelli recently posted…The end of an eraMy Profile

  7. Carla says:

    !!!!! As a non-racer with so many running friends this is one of those things where I look at it and think: what an obvious idea no one had done before. I love this!!!
    Carla recently posted…5 Myths About Adulting.My Profile

  8. Nice job on your workouts! That box looks awesome! I have received a few of the subscription boxes previously and like you, found them to be just “eh.” So many of the products weren’t for me or weren’t things I needed so I never really felt like they were that great. This looks amazing!
    Christine @ Two Runners Travel recently posted…Weekly Workout Roundup: Feb 22ndMy Profile

  9. The Good Luck Box sounds like the perfect way to send some good wishes to a running friend. Unlike other subscription boxes, it seems like it comes with things/brands that I’d actually appreciate, and that other runners will appreciate as well.
    Kathryn @ Dancing to Running recently posted…ZOOMA Annapolis Half Marathon Training Log โ€“ Week 3My Profile

  10. Darlene says:

    how cool. I would love to get a box like that. Is it expensive?
    Darlene recently posted…Monday Running UpdateMy Profile

  11. Elle says:

    I am not a huge fan of subscription boxes as such, but this is different and I can see it being very popular! Nice that it can be personalized, too.
    Elle recently posted…Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts Bar ReviewMy Profile

  12. That’s a great idea for a box! Useful things and motivational, too.
    Michelle Rogers recently posted…A winter hike at Hanging Rock State ParkMy Profile

  13. Such fantastic swag, I couldn’t believe how much they packed in! I’d love to gift this to a fellow runner.
    Janelle @ Run With No Regrets recently posted…Cherry Blossom Training Week 3 RecapMy Profile

  14. That box is such a genius idea! I love it!!
    Nicole @ Fitful Focus recently posted…Paleo Bacon & Egg Wafflewich {gluten free, dairy free, soy free}My Profile

  15. carmy says:

    That is SO amazing that they send out good luck boxes. I have yet to be part of a race that does that!
    carmy recently posted…Monday on the Run #41My Profile

  16. i’m going to go check out that site! sounds like a marvelous gift!!
    Mar @ Mar on the Run recently posted…April Fools Half Training Week 5My Profile

  17. You are training hard on those hills!! I have not heard of this subscription box but dang look at all the cool stuff. All of it is stuff I’d use too! I love the socks! I have let most of my subscriptions go. At one time I had about 4 going per month. I guess I couldn’t get enough of a good thing huh! Thanks Coco for linking up with us.
    Tricia@MissSippipiddlin recently posted…Weekly Wrap 29 Oxford MS WeekendMy Profile

  18. Kim Hatting says:

    WoW! You are spanking those hills! When you said the hills were the equivilant of 83 flights of stairs I did an involuntary gulp….I’m hoping to do 80 flights of stairs later today. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Good job with all your training!!
    Kim Hatting recently posted…The week in review-Consistency!My Profile

  19. I haven’t heard of Good Luck box before but love the idea! This one was filled with super goodies. How could you not love a mini-foam roller!
    Sandra Laflamme recently posted…Training update: 18 miles on the road to Boston.My Profile

  20. I like that the good luck boxes are event specific.
    Abby @ BackAtSquareZero recently posted…Your Training Plan โ€“ The Cut Back WeekMy Profile

  21. Wow, that hill workout looks intense. I have never heard of the good luck box but that thing looks awesome. It was beautifully packaged and has very usual items as well.
    Pam and christine recently posted…We Run Disney is now Two Runners TravelsMy Profile

  22. How much fun!! I love the idea of the the box and what they put in it! Tweeted!
    Julie @ Running in a Skirt recently posted…Fashion Friday- Red LeggingsMy Profile

  23. Cassi says:

    I haven’t jumped on the subscription boxes. They all look awesome but I don’t need all that stuff every month; I wouldn’t know what to do with most things in the boxes lol
    Cassi recently posted…Blog Hop Spotlight DayMy Profile

  24. I have never heard of the good luck box! What a fun idea!! And who are you kidding….you and your race day adrenaline are going to crush this race ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes recently posted…5 Tips for getting a Good night’s sleep #NOWWellnessMy Profile

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