Five Things About Me

Today I’m joining the Friday Five link up hosted by Eat Pray Run DCMar on the Run and You Signed Up for What! and sharing five things about my day that reveal five things about me. (If you want to read about a typical day in my life, please check out this post from January.)

Five Things About Me
1. I start my day with exercise. My alarm goes off at 5:00 am (or 4:40 if I’m going to spin class), and I start my day by walking my dog and working out before I get ready for work. Because this early morning time is “my time” I am not a fan of Daylight Saving Time. If you think we gained “an extra hour of sunlight” this week, it’s only because you don’t get up early enough to miss the daylight at 6:00 am that we traded for daylight at 7:00 pm. 😛 

2. I plan my workouts in advance. I usually do the same types of workouts every week, but not necessarily on the same days. Sunday night I check the weather to figure out the best weekday(s) for running, check my MRTT group events for special runs I may be interested in (like track workouts), check the schedule at Revolve to see when my favorite instructors are teaching, and check my work calendar for early meetings or business trips. Then I figure out how to fit in one or two runs, an indoor cycling class, and a few strength workouts. (When my schedule is really tight, I try to at least squeeze in a custom workout from the 7-minute workout app.) By Thursday, I am stalking the weekend weather to figure out when I should do my long run and when (or if) my husband and I can go for a bike ride. Knowing my exercise plan ahead of time helps keep me motivated to get up when alarm goes off, instead of hitting snooze until I figure out what I’m going to do ….

3. I take my lunch to work. We have a cafeteria at my office and a few places to eat nearby, but I almost always pack my lunch, and it’s almost always the same thing.

Lunch For lunch: leftovers, salad, orange
For snacks: apple, yogurt

4. I savor the views out my window. I am lucky to work at an office with some great views, and I have gotten better at taking the time to get up from my desk and enjoy the scenery every once in a while. This was my consolation prize for working late on Monday. 

The Key Bridge at sunset

I’ve shared collections of favorite photos here and here, if you want to see more. 

5. I eat ice cream every night. If you haven’t figured it out already, I am a creature of habit. Every night I have the same dessert and unwind with a beer and my favorite blogs.

Klondike Bar

It’s not “whole”, “clean“, or even that low in calories, but it hits the spot!

I’m not sure how social media became such a big part of my life, but I have a lot of friends I met through blogging. One way I’ve solidified some of those friendships is by meeting bloggers in person, and the best place to do that is at blogging conferences like Fitbloggin’. This year Fitbloggin’ is June 25-28 in Denver and I’m using this post as my entry into the The Great, 100-Days-Left FitBloggin’ Swag and Ticket Giveaway. 😉

My first blogging conference was Fitbloggin’ ’12, where I met blogging superstars like Carla and Josie–and learned that they are just as amazing in person as they appear to be on-line. Between work and weather delays, I barely made it to Fitbloggin’ ’13, but meeting even more friends face-to-face made the cross-country trip worth it. Work kept me away from Fitbloggin’ ’14, so I really want to go to Fitbloggin’ ’15 and try new workouts, learn more about blogging, and make new friends. Fitbloggin’ won’t be the same without me, because if I’m not there, I won’t be able to spread the word about all the generous sponsors and their awesome products. 😉 (Seriously, I didn’t realize that so many of the brands I’m loving lately and completely hooked on are Fitbloggin’ sponsors!)

Do you want to join me at Fitbloggin’? 

Today is the last day to enter my MealEnders giveaway–don’t miss out!

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22 Responses to Five Things About Me

  1. I am dying to go to a blogging conference! The 2 big ones this summer don’t work for me unfortunately. I wish they had some on the east coast too. Let me know if you ever know of any. Ice cream every night huh?!
    Deborah Brooks @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…A Day In The Life #FitBlogger #Mom #MRTTMy Profile

  2. That view is amazing! I’m not going to fitbloggin but I have had many opportunities to meet my blogger friends. I can’t believe how much a part of my life they have become!

  3. Marcia says:

    Ooooh you’ve got a gorgeous view! Is it bad I’ve never been to a blogging conference, yet I’ve blogged for 6+ years? Yes it is. That weekend in June just doesn’t work. Ever.
    Marcia recently posted…SLS3 Compression GiveawayMy Profile

  4. I’m reconsidering Fitbloggin because we have may a move in our near future and I won’t be working (again). I’ll keep you posted. I really want to go if I can make it work with the budget.

  5. HoHo Runs says:

    I don’t like the dark on my morning runs (again). Like you, I take all of my food to work. It helps me stay on track. But unlike you, I look out onto a horrible parking lot (wow-your view is beautiful). Enjoy your weekend!
    HoHo Runs recently posted…My DayMy Profile

  6. Jennifer says:

    What an incredible view! I always do like your morning workout pics – they are very motivating!
    Jennifer recently posted…Friday Five – Things Shamrock WeekendMy Profile

  7. i would love to go to fitbloggin as well – i’ve never been to a blogger conference. thanks for linking up!
    Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC recently posted…A Day in the LifeMy Profile

  8. Kim says:

    I do want to go to Fitbloggin’ – I should check the dates because I can actually drive to Denver so that would be nice!!!
    Kim recently posted…Spring BreakMy Profile

  9. I’ve never tried fitbloggin! Your views are amazing!
    Michelle@MovinitwithMichelle recently posted…Friday Five: A Day in the life…My Profile

  10. I would LOVE to go to FitBloggin, but it wouldn’t work with our schedule this year. I love that you have an ice cream every night…I wish I did, but I can’t do it in moderation 🙂
    Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes recently posted…Fit & Fashionable Friday: Fleurty bandsMy Profile

  11. I plan my workouts and I take my lunch to work everyday too! I would love to go to a blogging conference. Does this one change locations every year? I need to check it out!
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…Sunshine, drama and a Spring 5K!My Profile

  12. Interesting, I was not aware of Fitbloggin’, thanks for introducing me to that. I’ve been to IFBC and loved that. I guess I’m somewhere in the middle between a food blog and a fitness blog. Wish I had a bit more of your organization, but at least I don’t need to plan my workouts, they always involve going to an ice rink. I should mix in more off-ice to keep my body happy, but those on-ice skills just take so much practice to attain.
    Mary @ Fit and Fed recently posted…Bumpy Road to SectionalsMy Profile

  13. I always plan my workouts too.
    Every Sunday I write them in my planner for the next week.
    Abby @ BackAtSquareZero recently posted…Loving Lately – MarchMy Profile

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