30 Minute Treadmill Workout (Speed And Incline Intervals)

I am stuck between a rock and a hard place with my commitment to at least 30 minutes of cardio a day through the holidays and my penchant to hit the snooze button when it’s cold outside! I usually like to do 40-50 minute treadmill workouts, but lately I’ve had to come up with 30 minute workouts to make up for my dozing.

30 Minute Treadmill Workout With Speed And Incline Intervals
0-4: warm-up at 6.3 mph at 0.5% incline
5-6: increase pace to 6.7 mph (maintain 0.5% incline)
7: recover at 6.5 mph
8-9: increase pace to 6.7 mph
10:  recover at 6.5 mph
11-12:  increase incline to 1.5% (maintain 6.5 mph pace)
13: recover at 0.5% incline
14-15: increase incline to 1.5%
16: recover at 0.5% incline
17-18: increase pace to 6.7 mph (maintain 0.5% incline)
19: recover at 6.5 mph
20-21: increase pace to 6.7 mph
22: recover at 6.5 mph
23-24: increase incline to 1.5% (maintain 6.5 mph pace)
25: recover at 0.5% incline
26-27: increase incline to 1.5%
28: recover at 0.5% incline
29-30:  cool down at 6.3 mph and 0.5% incline

This workout is not an HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout–the incline and pace were challenging, but not really out of my comfort zone. Not every workout needs to kick my ass, as long as it get my heart rate up and gets those endorphins flowing!

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7 Responses to 30 Minute Treadmill Workout (Speed And Incline Intervals)

  1. Nice! I love treadmill intervals – keeps me from getting bored if the treadmill is what I have to do to get some cardio in.

  2. I love that you point out it's challenging but doesn't need to be all out. Still a great looking workout!

  3. I totally agree. Sometimes you just need something "different" to spice things up. I always appreciate these kinds of posts for idea. Thanks!

  4. I love mixing up speed and hills on the treadmill. Good workout.

    You should make one of those trendy 'Pin'able workouts. It's a handy way to keep workouts.

  5. MizFit says:



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