Travelling And Training

I had a short business trip this week, but it was long enough to impact my workouts–and to make me realize that it is going to be hard to stay on track with my Army Ten Miler training with all the trips I have scheduled between now and October 21.

Sunday: Rest Day
My general plan is to do yoga and/or a bike ride on Sundays, but I did not have time to do anything before my 8:00 am flight! I was attending a work conference at a resort hotel, so I decided to take advantage of my one free afternoon to doze by the pool and float in the lazy river.

(Only in Texas!)

Monday: Hotel Treadmill
I usually do weights on Mondays, but after two dessert receptions on Sunday night, I felt like I needed to burn some serious calories on the treadmill. I probably didn’t burn that many more calories than I would have doing my strength routine, but I felt energized and able to stare down the breakfast muffins.

Tuesday: Strength
I was able to do my full strength routine in the hotel gym–they even had medicine balls and stability balls.

(Better than a mega-muffin)

Wednesday: Neighborhood Run (4.25 miles, 40:56, avg. pace 9:42 min/mi)
I got home late Tuesday night and had an important meeting at work on Wednesday, but I knew my day would go better if I started it with a run. I decided not to try to do a specific type of run (tempo, etc.), but just enjoyed the perfect weather.

Thursday: Strength
After warming up for 10 minutes on the elliptical, I did my full strength routine.

Friday: Yoga
Now that the weather is cooler, I want to get my dog used to running again, so today I took a longer route for our morning “walk” and ran about 1 mile of it. It felt good to get my heart rate up and I didn’t get too sweaty before I un-wound my body with the “Twists” program on my Rodney Yee AM Yoga for Your Week DVD.

Saturday: 10 Mile Run
I am planning on a 10 mile run tomorrow, hopefully with my friend.

All in all, I managed to keep up with my basic workouts, but I didn’t do any focused running workouts–speed work or hills. I probably could have pushed myself harder on the hotel treadmill. I will have to think ahead–and plan ahead–for my next trip.

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2 Responses to Travelling And Training

  1. Good job on keeping it up while you travel! You were lucky to have a good hotel gym. They all are not that well stocked.

    I love Starbuck's oatmeal. It's my go-to breakfast on the road.

  2. steena says:

    WHAT? you laid by a pool & didn't do laps? I do not understand.


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