The Heck With Humidity (ATM Training)

I am so ready for fall weather, but the humidity is hanging around and prolonging summer running conditions. This week it seemed particularly bad. Even my early morning dog walks felt miserable. After walking for a mile in the oppressive humidity, I was glad to have the option of running on my treadmill in our cool basement.

(Fit Stanley on my treadmill!)

Even so, it was a rough week for motivation. I had to put in extra-long hours at work which robbed me of relaxation time and led me to skimp on sleep. Still, with the Army Ten Miler on my calendar, I stuck with my workout plan.

Monday: Strength Routine
I did my full strength routine, with a total plank time of 10:30 and three sets of 12-15 reps of different strength moves.

Tuesday: Hill Intervals (Level 5)
I did the hill interval program on my treadmill.  Out of 45 minutes, there is a 8 minute warm-up, 32 minutes of 1/1 hill/recovery intervals, and a 5 minute cool-down, followed by a 5 minute walking cool-down.

Wednesday: Strength Routine
I did the same strength routine as Monday.

Thursday: Treadmill Tempo Run (Level 3)
I chose the random program on my treadmill for 45 minutes (plus the 5 minute walking cool down). After a few minutes warming up, I ran @ 6.3 mph, and covered 4.5 miles running.

Friday: Planks & Yoga
I decided to give my legs a break before my long run, so I did my plank routine and then the Forward Bends program on my Rodney Yee DVD.

Saturday: 8 Mile Run
I ad-libbed a new 8 mile route around my neighborhood, and managed to cover 8.15 hilly miles in about 1 hour and 20 minutes (an average 9:40 min/mile pace). The humidity wasn’t quite as oppressive as it had been earlier in the week, but there was no cool crispness in the air.

It looks like our weather is going to get better this week.

But I’m in San Antonio at a conference.

I guess I’ll be trying out the hotel gym!

Has your weather changed yet?

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11 Responses to The Heck With Humidity (ATM Training)

  1. misszippy1 says:

    Our weather finally changed yesterday. Humidity has been at a crazy level for September! I'm hoping my next long run will be in much lower humidity!

  2. Yum Yucky says:

    That Monday routine was plankalicious. And your Tuesday… I was just thinking about how I need to get back out the hills. I had to stop when it got too hot this summer.
    It was actually cold this morning. Like, really cold. Like "give me a blanket and let me lay on top of the furnace" cold. I never exaggerate, of course.

  3. When I started working out I only used the treadmill and now I can't stand it. If I have to go to the gym there is only one I want to use because it's in front of a window so at least I can pretend that I am running outside. I'd rather be outside in the elements except for the humidity. I ended up changing up my workouts when it was so humid here to be biking rather than running/walking. For some reason it seemed easier, plus I didn't have to carry my own water!

  4. Our weather changed dramatically this week. I'm freezing now that it's only in the 60s. It feels like fall!

  5. David H. says:

    Running in the humidity sure makes this new weather this week feel even better. Now I'm ready for the complaining to begin that it's too cold.

  6. Danielle (@itsaharle says:

    great workout week! this week in pa it is fall like! perfect weather! It couldn't be any better!

  7. MizFit says:

    here I sit with FIT STANLEY ON MY DESK and the notebook a friend made me 🙂 next to it.
    weather hasnt changed here—neither has much else 🙂

  8. FindingMyHappyPace says:

    It's still a bit hot/humid here, but I think a summer of training in the worst of it has toughened me up. Well, that's my story.

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