Three Things Thursday: Blog Comments

This weekend I saw a few tweets in my #fitbloggin Twitter-stream wondering why people follow a link from Facebook to read a blog post, and then go back to Facebook to comment instead of leaving a comment on the blog.

(I also saw tweets about giving credit and attribution when someone else inspires a blog post–I tried to go back and find the tweets but they were lost in all the #fitbloggin chatter. If I try to guess who it was I’m sure I will get it wrong! So if it was you, please let me know and I will give you full credit for inspiring this post! According to Susan (@FoodieMcBody) it was Josie (@YumYucky), but I’m not sure if she meant that Joise raised it at Fitbloggin (they both were there) or on Twitter(where I saw it).)

I first wrote about commenting on blogs a few months ago, but didn’t address this issue directly.

Here are my top three reasons why I might prefer to leave a comment on Facebook:

  1. It’s easier. On Facebook, I only need to type my comment. On your blog, I need to type in my name, email address, etc. Then I may need to go through a few screens to get through the Captcha process.  I may not have the time or the patience for all that, or I may not think my comment is worth that much effort.
  2. It’s much easier. The difference between just typing out a comment (Facebook) and doing that plus logging in (your blog) reaches an exponential level when I am on my iPhone, where I don’t have auto-fill to help me complete the log-in forms. I will read blogs on my iPhone, but I have to have something that I am really burning to get off my chest before I will tap out all those letters to add a comment.
  3. I may think my comment will reach more people on Facebook. If you already have 50+ comments on your blog, my first thought is “why would s/he want to read my comment?” If you only have a few comments on Facebook, I figure you (and others) may actually read it.

What about you? What makes you more or less likely to comment on a blog post?

Would you be more likely to comment on Facebook instead?

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14 Responses to Three Things Thursday: Blog Comments

  1. This was sooo interesting to read! I never thought about it being easier on FB. I always comment on the blogs themselves but, honestly, I hardly pay attention to FB for blogging. My own is sadly neglected. Too much to do, too little time. The nice thing about comments on the blog is that they are in one place and can move with the blog if the blog moves. At least with wordpress. Blog comments make my day. LOVE them:)

  2. I try to comment mostly on the blog itself. I'm a numbers person and watch my blog stats, so I like to give page views to my fellow bloggers when I can. I don't often read FB or blogs on my smart phone so I hadn't thought about it being easier to comment on FB when you're mobile, but that is a good point.

    As far as on my own blog, I prefer that comments are left on the blog as well. That way a whole conversation can take place, not only with me and my readers, but among my readers as well. I know Blogger has been having major issues lately, but I try to keep things as easy as possible for my readers – no captcha, no moderation, comment box on the post page instead of clicking to another page or pop up window.

  3. Yum Yucky says:

    I brought this up in the Fitbloggin panel without really knowing the full reasoning why people chose to comment in that way (Facebook instead of the blog), so I'm very happy to that you took the time to explain this in a post. One point that was brought up by someone in the audience at Fitbloggin is that some may not even have a blog and therefore don't feel comfortable commenting on a blog for that reason alone – so they Facebook comment instead.

    I value all comments – whether on Facebook or the blog, but as for my own commenting, I do tend to comment on a person's blog opposed their Facebook blog link.

  4. That totally makes sense. I don't respond to blogs when I'm reading on my phone, but on my computer it seems to remember my email and info, so responding takes a second. I have to say that the blogs with all the captcha stuff and other hoops are kind of a put off and sometimes I won't finish the process.

    Personally, I love *every* comment on my blog, so I really try to respond on every blog I read. I know I don't like the feeling when I write something I think is good and all I get are crickets.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog so often 🙂

    Thanks for the explanation, though. I have a few commenters who always comment on FB and I always wondered why.

    I'm still jealous of everyone who got to go to Fitbloggin.

  5. Amy @ A Little Nosh says:

    I tend to comment on the blog, rather than Facebook. I don't really know why. I guess I just feel that maybe comments on blogs are more valued? Although I see your point and agree that with the larger blogs, a comment on Facebook may make more of an impact on the writer.

  6. steena says:

    Weird. I'd rather comment directly on the blog so I'm not notified 50 million times on FaceBook from other commenters. I even do that w/ FB statuses, I just write on their wall in response to their status, I hate notifications from strangers.

  7. Vicki says:

    If I am commenting on a blog post, I will post on the blog. But it is much easier to post on Facebook. Coco you are the only blog I read and so the only one I comment on. I don't follow links on FB to blogs. I just don't have the time. (It took me quite a while to even follow yours.. but once I did I got hooked! It is wonderful, Coco.)

  8. SuperBabe says:

    I just entered my name, email, and website… so yes, it is definitely EASIER to post on FB… However… I actually like commenting on blogs (mostly because I'd like for others to comment on my blog as well!) 🙂

  9. Tina @ Faith Fitness says:

    That is really interesting. I never thought about it being easier for people and the notion of people reading when theres a comment on FB over the site. Although I will say I personally make a point to read ALL comments on my blog and respond to as many as possible too.

    I always comment on blogs bec I usually get to them through my reader over FB.

  10. Coco says:

    Thanks for all of your comments (LOL). Of course, these are only my ideas–I'm sure that there are lots of other reasons why people do or don't comment, or comment one place instead of another.

  11. David H. says:

    It's easier to leave a comment on FB, but I always leave the comment on the blog and prefer that people leave the comment on the blog — weeks, months and years from now I can always read the comment on the blog. On FB, it just disappears after a while. Actually, I don't follow too many links on FB — I use Google Reader and follow the links from there.

    Lastly, have autofill turned on – you won't need to type your name/email/website every time.

  12. Vicki says:

    I think I am the only commenter who doesn't have a blog of her own!! It's somewhat of a separate world, I think.

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