Last Long Run

Today I did my last long run before the Zooma Half Marathon on June 4. (Some people might think that it was my last long run before the rapture, but I doubt it!)

The 6:00 am weather report was good:

Right Now in Alexandria, VA

It’s 57°F, Sunny

Although I have to say that even when it’s only in the 60s I prefer a cloudy sky to bright sunshine.

Afer last week’s 12 mile run, I had no worries about doing 10 today, but I wasn’t expecting a “great” run. Allergies had brought me sneezing fits and a big headache last night, and I wasn’t sure that I was fully recovered.  For dinner last night I just had 1/2 a Kashi pizza that I split with my husband, and I didn’t sleep very well–I fell victim to late afternoon Starbucks again!

I fueled up with a chocolate Muscle Provider protein shake and one Cliff crunchy peanut butter granola bar, and filled my water bottle with water. I got to the bike path at 6:45 and it already was busy. I saw several groups of women who were in the middle of their runs, and a few others like me just starting out.

My first mile was faster than usual (9:37) which always tempts me to reassess my target pace (whatever that was).  My next few miles were in the 9-ish range, so I decided to aim for that.

I’m not used to having so many other runners on the trail when I run. I’m pretty sure it impacted my pace, and got me thinking about one reason why my race pace can be so much faster than my training pace–if our paces are close, I “need” to pass the person in front of me!

The first person I encountered was a woman who was keeping a great pace with nice form.  I probably would have been fine staying a bit behind her, but I wasn’t sure that I really wanted to match her pace.  I pushed mine a bit to pass her.

The next person passed me–but he was talk, dark and shirtless, so I didn’t mind the view for a while. He had an interesting but inefficient gait–lots of up and down motion.

The next memorable person was a very tall guy. I felt like he was twice my size–I probably came up to his elbows! He also had an inefficient gait, but with lots of side to side motion–almost a sashay!

During the last half of my run I had several sub-9:00 miles, and I decided to try to finish strong and keep that pace.  (The last three miles are downhill or flat).  My breathing was still pretty easy, but I had to increase the effort for the last mile. When I reached my stopping point, I was psyched to see that my total time was 1:30!

I walked about 1/3 mile back to my car, stretched a bit, and then headed to the grocery store for ice and to Starbucks for a “grande bold” to get ready for my ice bath. The second bag of ice definitely made it much colder, but it was bearable.

After a hot shower and some breakfast, I made these cookies from Corey’s blog (The Runners Cookie):

If this was my last run ever, I have no regrets!

Garmin Data:
Total Distance: 10.0 miles
Total Time: 1:30
Spilt Times: 9:37, 9:08, 9:03, 9:12, 8:47, 9:09, 8:49, 8:53, 8:55, 8:43

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11 Responses to Last Long Run

  1. David H. says:

    Great run! You're going to have an awesome half in a couple of weeks.

  2. Vicki says:

    Good run Coco! I like the pacing. You are ready! My race pace is always a lot faster than my training pace, but isn't that what races are for? Do you have a goal? I don't think an 8:45 average would be unreasonable or unlikely, at least based on my experience. If it is not hot!! I also prefer clouds when it is 60+ but at 57 I might like sun! (we are getting out first peek in 8 days here, though more rain may be heading in later). I hope you get weather in the 50's race day.

  3. Janice - The Fitness says:

    Great job!!! You are more prepared than I will be for my 1/2 on May 29th… I've only ran 2 10k's in training and lots of 3-5k runs – eeek! I hope you have a fantastic race!!

    • Coco says:

      Thanks, Janice. Since I did a 10 miler in April, it was easy to keep training for this Half. After June I'm probably going to cut way back to give myself a break, so training for my October races (starting mid-August?) will be different.

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  4. steena says:

    haha, how fun, judging other runners, I do the same!
    I do the same during a race, I don't like getting "stuck" behind someone, even if it seems they're going my pace, I'd rather have the freedom to speed up, so I pass a lot of people.
    Well, you're ready for that half! Can't wait for another crazy heroic finishing photo!

  5. Yum Yucky says:

    Every time I come here I get inspired and closer to a serious commitment to running a real race. So should I keep coming here? Hmmmm?? (haha). yes.

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  7. Sheri says:

    I am with you on preferring cloudy skies over the bright sun when running. Only another runner will appreciate that comment though. 😉

    Your run was awesome!!!

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