Tackling Treadmill Tedium

Another busy Saturday here, combined with lingering snow and ice and the possibility of sleet meant another Saturday morning on the treadmill (the third week in a row, I think). After I suffered through the 10k program a few weeks ago, I have been doing some kind of interval workout on the treadmill to make the time pass more quickly.

Today’s workout was a variation of the “tempo” type workout I did last week:

0-5 min: walking, 3.7 mph (1.5 incline)
5-10 min: running, 5.7 mph (0.5 incline)
10-15 min: running, 6.0 mph (0.5 incline)

Tempo Intervals
15-25 min: 6.5 mph (0.5 incline)
25-27 min: 5.7 mph
27-37 min: 6.5 mph 
37-39 min: 5.7 mph
39-49 min: 6.5 mph 
49-51 min: 5.7 mph
51-61 min: 6.5 mph 
61-63 min: 6.7 mph

Cool Down
63-65 min: running, 6.0 mph (0.5 incline)
65-66 min: running, 5.5 mph
67-70 min: walking 3.7 mph (1.5 incline)

Nailed it!

It felt comfortable, but I also “felt” my ITB (no pain, it was just reminding me of its existence) so I was reluctant to push harder.

It also was my first run in my new shoes and Zensah compression socks:

I didn’t think I *needed* new shoes yet (I got my current pair sometime in September, I think, and have been running about 16-18 miles per week), but I wanted to get the most out of my 25% coupon for RoadRunner Sports that expired this week.

I also got this wonderful “Rubz” ball that I hope will keep my plantar fascitis at bay.

The little nubs feel so good when I roll my feet on it, like I’m doing right now. Aaahh . . . .

One final product plug. Last Friday I broke down and got a manicure. I swore off them over a year ago when I found that my nails were weaker after getting one–they would be strong and in great shape, but then suffer from daily breaks in the weeks following my appointment. I decided to give another salon a try, and made an appointment for their “healing” manicure that included a warm wax treatment and lots of lotions, etc.

During my short wait for my appointment I saw displays for soak-off, UV-cured “gel” nail polish that was guaranteed to last for 2 weeks. Since I always manage to chip my polish ithin a few days, I decided to give it a try. It was an extra $20 (I was at a nice salon, mind you!) but totally worth it.  Here are my nails a full week later–not a chip in sight!

(but I do need to use more hand cream!)

Now, I do have some qualms about the soak-off process. It looks like it involves soaking my nails in acetone for an extended time. So, maybe this isn’t something I will do all the time, but it is nice to know that this is available if I *need* my nails to look pretty and polished for more than one day.

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6 Responses to Tackling Treadmill Tedium

  1. Michelle says:

    That sounds like a great tempo workout – might have to give it a try! Nice job!

  2. Jennifer@ knackfornu says:

    Great workout! I just found your blog and I am adding it to my reader! Look forward to reading more of your posts!

  3. FindingMyHappyPace says:

    I like your dexcription "reminded me of its existance". Yep, I use that one too.
    Nice treadmill run, before you know it, you'll be running in puddles & mud! Spring!

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