Oops! I Did Orange Theory Fitness Hell Week Again

I didn’t plan to participate in Hell Week at Orange Theory Fitness again this year, but then an unexpected trip to Boulder where it is too dark–and some days too cold–to run before work led me to the gates of hell week.

Orange Theory Fitness Hell Week
I’m actually only part of the way through hell week, since it runs through Halloween, but with 4 workouts done, I am determined to go at least once more to earn a “free” t-shirt.

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October Runfessions

It’s the last Friday of the month, which means it’s time to bare our soles souls and come clean with our runfessions. Will they be extra spooky this month? Check out Marcia’s link up to find out. 

I’m also joining the Friday Five link up at Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness

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Runners World Half Race Recap

I should have known that Runner’s World would put on a good race. I mean, if they can’t, who could? Still, I was impressed by the Runner’s World Half Festival even though I only participated in part of it. Let me tell you about our weekend in Bethlehem and share my Runners World Half Race Recap! 

The festival is held in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I didn’t realize that Bart Yasso was born and raised there, or that Rodale, Inc. (the publisher of Runner’s World, Bicycling, Prevention, and other magazines) was founded nearby. 

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Laying Low Before The Runners World Half

This was a quiet week on the workout front, the work front, and the home front. I continued to take it easy to chase my plantar fasciitis away, swapped a day trip to Chicago for a video conference, and did absolutely nothing around the house since I spent the weekend in Bethlehem for the Runner’s World Half.

I’m writing most of this before I get to Pennsylvania, so you’ll have to wait for my full recap. 🙂

Weekly Wrap

My main goal for the week was to let my foot recover as much as possible while maintaining my sanity. I did an easy run on Tuesday and debated doing a short hilly run on Thursday, but realized that I couldn’t train for 13.1 miles of hills in one week–let alone one run. Here’s what I did while laying low before the Runner’s World Half.

Monday: Mostly upper body workout at home. It was fun to see that my usual routine includes most of these exercises that Laura shared on Abby’s blog. I just have to add arm circles. 

Tuesday: 4.4 mile neighborhood run.

These Halloween decorations are more cheery than scary
at o’dark-thirty in the morning!

Wednesday: Orange Theory Fitness
The treadmill workout was an “endurance” workout–after a warm-up we ran 1 mile at a “push pace,” recovered for 1 minute, and then ran 1/2 mile at a faster “push pace.” For the first mile I gradually edged up my pace from 7.0 to 7.5 mph. I did the 1/2 mile mostly at 7.5 mph, but spent the last minute at 8.0 mph for an “all out” pace. 

I found an OTF app on Garmin Connect that mirrors the OTF heart rate data and “splat points.” Garmin records the whole workout as a “run” but the “moving time,” “average moving pace,” and distance match my treadmill time. I have created my own multisport workout program for OTF (rowing, strength, treadmill) that I may try sometime, but I like seeing this little graph on my Fenix.

Thursday: Full body strength workout at home. 

Dinner with Deborah, Rachel and Erika!

If laughing counts as exercise, I had a great workout with Deborah, Rachel and Erika. Rachel was in town for the Marine Corps Marathon, and we were able to meet up for dinner and help her and Erika start carb-loading. It was so fun to meet in person!

Congrats to both Rachel and Erika on their great marathon results!

Friday: CPY2 at CorePower Yoga. 
I really love my Friday morning CPY2 classes, and especially appreciate how Ann encourages us to try the peak pose–whether we think it’s within reach or not. 

I never thought I’d be ably to do any balance poses, but now I’m confident in crow and side crow and sometimes can get my feet off the ground in other arm balance poses. I’m not ready to try inversions yet–although I’m good with wheel, supported shoulder stand, and sometimes plow. 

Saturday: pre-race rest day!

Sunday: Runner’s World Half

***Spoiler Alert***

I’m linking up with Holly and Tricia  for the Weekly Wrap–join in and support other women in their goals to be active and healthy!

Did you race this weekend?

Is anyone participating in Orange Theory Hell Week this week?

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Goals For The 2017 Runners World Half Marathon

I’ve been eyeing the Runners World Half Marathon for a few years now, and was thrilled when I won an entry from Laura‘s giveaway. Now that the race is barely a week away, I’m wondering what I’ve gotten myself into!

runners world half
I’m comfortable running 10 miles but the half marathon distance is a stretch for me. I trained hard for the New York City Half Marathon, logging several 10-12 mile long runs in the weeks leading up to the race. But that was seven months ago. I spent the summer focusing on cycling, have been battling plantar fasciitis for the past few weeks, and my only long runs have been the Reston Perfect 10 and Army Ten Miler races.

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