Running The Central Park Loop

Last week I had a business trip to New York City which I took advantage of to relive the best part of the NYC Half! I stayed at the same hotel, started my days running the Central Park loop, and refueled at the same Starbucks. 

Even my legs got in the game with way faster than usual paces for an everyday run. Continue reading

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Five Questions About The Colfax Denver Urban 10 Miler

On Sunday I will be running in the Colfax Denver Urban 10 Miler. I chose this race because I could combine it with a visit to see my daughter and because it sounded so unique. Unlike most of my races, I really have no idea what I am getting into! 

For this week’s Friday Five link up at Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness I’m sharing five things I don’t know about the Colfax Denver Urban 10 Miler.

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Yay For Rain

Just last weekend I was complaining about the rainy Saturday forecast. We had plans with friends to go for a bike ride and have brunch at microbrewery. Other plans kept us from rescheduling to Sunday, and we all were busy for the next few weekends. “I don’t have time for rainy weekends,” I complained to a friend, “It’s the only time I can play outside!” 

rainy weekend

I don’t ride in the rain but I will #bikeforbeer

A break in the clouds enticed us out to the bike path, and since the rain was light we decided to brave the weather for an easy ride before enjoying our beer brunch.

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Choosing Challenge

If you caught up with me last week, you know I went on a very hilly group bike ride last weekend. You also know my main reason for choosing that challenge is the very hilly Pennsylvania Dutch Farm To Fork Fondo we will be doing at the end of July. Although I made it up all the hills last year, it was HARD, and there were a few close calls. I want to feel stronger this year, and I know the only way those climbs will be easier is if I do some hard rides now. 

Choosing Challenge

Well, the ride I did last weekend was plenty hard. And even though I made it through the ride, and there was only one hill I couldn’t handle–or didn’t handle correctly–instead of looking forward to “next time” with a bit more confidence, I am even more afraid because I know exactly what I’ll be in for. Continue reading

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Hosting The Ultimate Coffee Date In My New Kitchen

I am so excited to be hosting the Ultimate Coffee Date link up in my new kitchen! Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, or your favorite relaxing beverage, and let me show you around! Since it’s not all about me, make sure you leave comments on other blogs in the link up, and visit my co-host Deborah at Confessions Of A Mother Runner. The Ultimate Coffee Date

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