The Ultimate Virtual Coffee Date

I really enjoy “coffee date” posts. As Carla put it, the best of blog reading feels like “friends getting together and chatting over coffee,” and for me the best part of blogging is getting to know other people and making friends across the blogosphere and twitterverse. That’s why when I saw that Jill Conyers, Nikki at Grab Your Kicks and Lynda at Fitness Mom Wine Country were going to host a monthly Ulitmate Virtual Coffee Date Link Up, I knew I wanted to participate.

So, get your cup of coffee and let’s catch up!

Ulitmate Virtual Coffee Date

Today I have extra time for coffee because I didn’t start my Saturday with a long run, like I usually do. That’s because tomorrow is my first race of 2014, the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run!

So, if we were having coffee today, I would tell you that I am both excited and nervous about the race, and that I haven’t yet decided whether to chase after a PR, although if I were being honest, I probably would admit that once the starting gun goes off I would like to be able to maintain an 8:15 – 8:20 pace.

I also would tell you that I am both excited and nervous about the pre-race VIP dinner, which I get to attend as one of the CUCB bloggers. I know it will be a fun event, but going to an event where I only will know a few people pushes me out of my comfort zone. I’m so glad my husband has agreed to go with me.

I would like to tell you that I feel like I have gotten my head above water at work, but I wouldn’t want to jinx myself. 😉

The other thing I would want to talk about is how I am struggling with parenting my college-aged kids. They are both facing big decisions, and while I always wish they would talk to me more, I know that they have to figure things out for themselves and come to their own decisions. I want to be supportive without being intrusive, but it is hard to strike the right balance. I am trying to focus on praying instead of worrying as they enter the next stages of their lives.

Can I get you some more coffee?

What’s on your mind this week?

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15 Responses to The Ultimate Virtual Coffee Date

  1. I’m off to run on my my mill for a bit because it’s still pretty chilly but that’s going to change SOON!! Spring is in the air! Good luck with your race.. I’m just fishing my cup and it’s time to get ready
    Laura@Fit Running Mama recently posted…The Ultimate Coffee Date Link Up!My Profile

  2. Sami says:

    I would tell you that I always chase a PR even if it’s a fun run! I think it’s a problem I have, when did running become so competitive for me? There are some races that can just be fun! 🙂
    I worry about my kiddos too (although much younger than yours) but have to have confidence in the way we’ve raised them. Prayer definitely helps.
    I’d tell you that I’m not yet sure if I’m running the full or half of my favorite race in May. I’m going to wait until right before the race to register because I have to have the perfect weather 🙂
    Sami recently posted…Cheese Balls VS Speed Work, Which Will You Choose?My Profile

    • Coco says:

      Oh my gosh! My favorite races sell out (or have a lottery entry) so I could never wait that long to decide, although for many races if you sign up for the longer distance you can drop back to the shorter distance on race day. Good luck!
      Coco recently posted…The Ultimate Virtual Coffee DateMy Profile

  3. Coco I hear you about college age kids. Our oldest is 22 and he is really trying to find is passion. Not sure yet, but living in Santa Barbara and working while thinking of going back to EMT school. We always worry about them and hope the best for them. Many sleepless nights this mom has had LOL we do have to learn to step back a bit and I am not very good at that 🙂
    Lynda@fitnessmomwinecountry recently posted…The Ultimate Coffee Date #1My Profile

  4. Good luck with Cherry Blossom! If you’re feeling good tomorrow I say go for the PR!
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted…Let’s grab coffee together!My Profile

  5. Kim says:

    So glad that your husband is going to the dinner with you – that will be fun! Good luck tomorrow – can’t wait to “hear” all about it!!
    I can’t imagine what you are going through with your kids in college – I know it is part of what we raise our kids to do (go off on their own) but…..At least there is always prayer!
    Kim recently posted…It’s All About the Weights, Running, MovingMy Profile

  6. Amanda H says:

    Good luck on the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler tomorrow! I’ve heard so many good things about that race that I’m sure you’ll have a great time whether or not you chase a PR! It’s definitely on my bucket list to come back and race someday 🙂
    Amanda H recently posted…(Virtual) Coffee DateMy Profile

  7. JenB says:

    I’m not a racer … just an indoor exerciser. I really need to get out and at least try a 5k. I did one once and really liked it.

    My oldest is graduating high school, so college is just around the corner. It’s been on my mind a lot. I’m not sure how much I’m supposed to be helping (making sure he’s following up, finding housing, getting registered) or even HOW to help (I’m pretty lost on the process, easily overwhelmed). It will be interesting to see how it goes as he lives away from home for the first time. I’ve actually had dreams about him contacting me for help on this or that, or coming home for laundry and making some dinners to take back. Silly dreams …
    JenB recently posted…Coffee Date Link UpMy Profile

  8. I’m excited about your 10-miler Cherry Blossom race tomorrow. I hear so many folks are doing it. I know you will do well and possibly surprise yourself. Decisions decisions – when I was a college student, I wanted my parents to be an ear but wanted to make the final decision as a soon-to-be adult. Your kids will come to you when they need you – trust that you did an excellent job raising them. They will do you proud I am sure. That’s what I would tell you over coffee. Great post.
    Diatta @ Femme Fitale Fit Club recently posted…E is for EffortMy Profile

  9. Yay! I’m so excited for you and your race tomorrow! You’re going to do great. I know what you mean about being pushed out of your comfort zone but it’ll be good. And college age kids? Oh man, I can’t imagine the number of ways that parenting changes as your kids get older.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted…Friday Round-Up: Good VibesMy Profile

  10. jill conyers says:

    Good morning! I’m so happy we could get together, relax a little and catch up 🙂

    I’m at the beginning of being a parent of college kids. My son will be a senior next year and I’ve been shocked by how much there has been to do this year. I can’t even imagine the senior year. My daughter is 2 years behind him. I can’t wait to hear all about the race!! Nice goal pace 🙂

    I’m looking forward to getting together again 🙂
    jill conyers recently posted…Cooking with BuckwheatMy Profile

  11. Ash @sn4g says:

    It is so refreshing to hear from a mama a few steps ahead of me on the journey of parenting. Such a good reminder to just PRAY for our children!
    Good luck on your run today—Can’t wait to hear how it all turned out!
    ash @sn4g
    Ash @sn4g recently posted…Sunday Coffee!!!My Profile

  12. caren says:

    Good luck with your race and don’t sweat the VIP part – we’re all just human beings doing our thang 🙂

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