Three Things Thursday (The Race Preparation Edition)

My final preparations for the GW Parkway Classic included buying these three things at the grocery store.

  1. While we have lots of Gatorade in the house for my son, I only like the red Fruit Punch flavor, so I always pick up a bottle of that to put in my sports bottle on race days.
  2. The Pepto┬áBismol was an attempt to avoid the post-race GI issues that seem to hit harder and harder with each race. I downed a dose in the car on the way home and again about an hour later. While it didn’t work like magic, I didn’t have to spend the day close to a bathroom.
  3. When the weather forecast called for cold rain I set my sights on a post-race epsom salt bath. I may go back to ice baths in the summer, but the hot epsom salt bath in our whirlpool soaking tub was divine.

What things do you need to have on hand for race day?

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3 Responses to Three Things Thursday (The Race Preparation Edition)

  1. Miz says:

    OMGosh. apparently more than Id think….

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