Racing Rain or Shine?!

So here we are on the eve of the GW Parkway Classic and the meteorologists are telling us that today is the nice day of the weekend, because the forecast for tomorrow calls for heavy rain. I am trying to psych myself up for a 90 minute run in the rain, trying to convince myself that it will be fun, trying to keep in mind how much better that post-race grande bold Starbucks will taste, and reminding myself to get some more Epsom salt for a nice hot bath afterwards. I’m not sure it’s working yet, but I still have about 23 hours to convince myself.

This past week seems like a blur because I had so many after-work activities and meetings, but I did a pretty good job of sticking with my morning workout plans.

Monday (Weights)
Walking: 1.5 mile morning dog walk
Weights: 30 min mostly arms and abs

Tuesday (Treadmill Speed Intervals)
5 min walking warm-up @ 3.7 mph
5 min running warm-up @ 5.7, 6.0 and 6.3 mph
30 min of 5 min cycles with 2 min @ 6.5 mph, 2 min @ 6.7 mph, 1 min @ 6.3 mph,
     with 2 min @ 7.0 mph tossed in at the end
2 min running cool-down @ 6.0 mph
3 min walking cool-down @ 3.7 mph

Wednesday (Weights)
Elliptical: 15 min random program
Weights: 30 min mostly arms and abs
Walking: 1 mile afternoon dog walk

Thursday (Rest)
I woke up with a headache and a slightly sore throat and decided to snooze.  I think it was just allergies but the extra hour of sleep did not hurt.

Friday (Weights)
Walking: 1.5  mile morning dog walk
Weights: 30 min mostly arms and abs

Saturday (Walking)
Walking: 1 mile morning dog walk

Last night I picked up my race bib and t-shirt.

(I think it’s silly that they chose the monuments for their logo
because the course isn’t anywhere near them, but it’s a pretty logo!)

My plans for today are to hydrate, eat right, and find a big garbage bag to keep me dry at the starting area.

Have you ever had to race in the pouring rain?

Have you decided not to race because of a rainy weather forecast?

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14 Responses to Racing Rain or Shine?!

  1. nhrunner says:

    Yes to one and no to two, Coco. I am pretty sure you will enjoy it!!

  2. David H. says:

    After the race, put newspapers in your shoes. That'll suck the wetness out. Otherwise, have fun. Go watchless if you're worried about your watch.

  3. totheacademy says:

    It was definitely a gorgeous day today but it's pouring right now :/ But I've made up my mind that I'll be there tomorrow…regular rain or pouring rain! It'll make a memorable first race, either way 🙂

    • Coco says:

      Awesome! Me too!

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    • Coco says:

      So, what did you think?

      • totheacademy says:

        You know what, I really had fun today despite the weather! As some who only started running in January of this year (mainly to lose weight), I'm still working on improving my pace and endurance. I ran 1:48:18 today; not terribly fast but it was at the pace I've been training at. I felt great the whole race and accomplished my two personal goals: run the whole race and finish under 2 hrs. Even though I think my legs/feet hate me right now, I'm happy with today and hope to turn running into a long term hobby. Thanks for sharing your experience too, I will continue to read 🙂

        • Coco says:

          Congratulations! You have really trained well do a sub-2hour 10 miler from just starting running in January.

          I really love running, and this is a great area for runners. Even if you're not racing, there are so many nice places to run.

  4. Allie says:

    I am only running the 5k, but it will be my first rain run. Hoping it is fun!

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