Trying Something New: HydroMassage

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I over-estimated traffic and arrived at my chiropractor appointment 20 minutes early. (I’ll write more about my chiropractor experience later. For now I will say that the root of my troubles appears to not be my ITB.) The receptionist asked if I would like to try their hydrotherapy bed. Since I’d accidentally left my right arm iPhone at home and had no other way to kill the time, I readily agreed.

The receptionist explained that the bed is like a massaging waterbed.  She set the controls for maximum pressure (bring it!) and told me that it would run for 15 minutes after I hit “start.” The HydroMassage website explains it like this:

With HydroMassage, a powerful wave of water spans the full width of the user’s body providing a powerful, heated massage. Users enjoy total relaxation while remaining comfortable and fully clothed.

This page shows how it works.

It was a very cool experience. It felt like I was relaxing on very strong water jets that rolled up and down the entire length of my body, from my feet to my neck. It felt great on my calves, my glutes, my back, my neck–everywhere!

My session today was complementary, and I didn’t ask how much they usually charge for it, but I’m sure I will treat myself to more sessions once in a while.

Have you ever tried a hydrotherapy bed?

Are there other alternative therapies that you swear by?

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14 Responses to Trying Something New: HydroMassage

  1. Glenneth says:

    My gym has a hydromassage bed that we can use anytime we want. I LOVE it. We have 10 minute sessions and it is perfect (and much cheaper than real massages).

  2. FindingMyHappyPace says:

    Neat! That sounds pretty darn amazing, I bet after a long run that would be heaven. I've seen something similar to that in the mall… is it that?

  3. Maite says:

    I tried a hydromassage bed at Baden Baden while getting a facial at the baths, loved it! But nothing beats a real massage by a real person. Just started a series of 10 rolfing sessions.

  4. Vicki says:

    Wow, that sounds great Coco!

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  6. I have tried one of these yrs ago and didn’t care for it. I don’t think you can get a good enough massage w clothes on. I like that additional pressure they use w their hands. recently posted…When Medicine Doesn’t Work : Tuesdays On the RunMy Profile

  7. Ooooh, that sounds like something I would love! And how cool to get it free. Course that’s how they get you hooked.
    Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy recently posted…Treating running injuriesMy Profile

  8. I can use the Hydromassage bed when ever I want to at Planet Fitness. I never think about it though, I just get done working out and leave. I need to use it more often!
    Amy @ Running on Faith and Coffee recently posted…Weekend Update {Link Up} #1My Profile

  9. Hydromassage sounds awesome! I’d love to give it a try….anything with the word massage in it sounds good to me!
    Janelle @ Run With No Regrets recently posted…How to Stay Motivated To Run SoloMy Profile

  10. My old gym had a hydromassage table but I never did get around to trying it. Sounds like it would be very relaxing.
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted…Alternative treatments help keep me runningMy Profile

  11. Sue says:

    Love the hydromassage bed so relaxing. and then I use massage chair and move on to equipment. Would not have registered for. Fit 4 less if it didn’t include these massage equipment

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