Product Review: Magic Masala Lays Potato Chips

Just because I was annoyed by the over-the-top marketing on the Baked Lays package, doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy a good potato chip. Last weekend I was shopping at an Indian grocery store for spices (they are so much cheaper there than at the grocery store!) and these caught my eye:

I knew that if I didn’t like them, my son surely would, so I picked up two bags.

I think some of this marketing puffery is lost in the cross-cultural translation.

It’s interesting to see the different style of nutrition information (per 14g serving and per 100g) and the different disclaimers. The last line says

*Proprietary Food*

The curious lawyer in me had to look that up. My preliminary Google search indicates that India has a law called the Prevention of Food Adulteration (PFA) Act that provides “regulatory standards for food products that constitute the bulk of the Indian diet.” Proprietary food is by definition “a food which has not been standardized under the PFA.” So, there you have it. (Google also pulled up a legal dispute surrounding the caffeine content of a Red Bull energy drink imported into India—apparrently it had too much caffeine under the PFA, and was subject to that regulation even though it is a “proprietary food.” Fascinating stuff, I know!)

So, do the Magic Masala Lays live up to the hype? Did I taste the blend of “life ‘n’ spice?

They taste a bit like barbecue flavor chips, but not quite. While eating them, the flavor is a bit milder and sweeter, but afterwards they leave a bite on your tongue. As far as spicy chips go, I think I like PopChips™ salt and pepper flavor better, but these were pretty good.

I’m not sure if you can read the “share pack” labeling on the front of the package. I did share this 2.2 ounce package with my husband—I gave him one chip to try anyway. 🙂 That’s my problem with chips. I tend to eat at least two servings at a time. And if the nutrition information for 14g means that a serving is about 1/2 ounce, I guess I ate four servings. 😛 

Have you seen these chips?

Have you seen other unusual varieties of U.S. products at an ethnic grocery store?magic

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  1. FindingMyHappyPace says:

    I've never seen those, but my husband would eat the entire bag if I ever brought those home!

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