Fit Stanley Gets Sweaty In The Hampton Inn Gym

Fit Stanley is hitting the road with me on my 10-day, 3-city business trip. Our first stop was a Hampton Inn in Colorado.

I’ve been here before, so I knew we could get in a good treadmill workout.

Rolling Hill TM Program
0-5 min: walking warm-up @ 3.7 mph
5-45 min: running @ 5.7 mph for incline up to 5%, @ 5.5 mph for 5-6% incline, @ 6.0 mph for “rest interval” incline at 1.5%
45-50 min: walking cool-down @ 3.7 mph

Good thing Fit Stanley is laminated because it was a sweaty workout!

We also decided that we should do some strength exercises with the free weights.

Quick Weights Workout
deadlifts/military presses/push-ups
plie squats/tricep dips/crunches
(3 sets, 12-15 reps of each, 20 reps of crunches)

We finished up with stretching and foam rolling.

After all that, we were starving! The Belgian waffles and thick cut bacon on the breakfast buffet smelled good, but we were able to resist temptation when we noticed some healthier options.

(oatmeal with peanut butter, hard boiled egg)

 What healthy choices do you like to see on a breakfast buffet?

What not-so-healthy choices are you tempted by?

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6 Responses to Fit Stanley Gets Sweaty In The Hampton Inn Gym

  1. MizFit says:


  2. So much fun!!!!

    I love the oatmeal and pb at hotel buffets. My kids laugh that I can get my oatmeal fix even when we're on the road.

  3. SuperBabe says:

    I'm loving seeing Fit Stanley travel around, ha! 🙂 We should get a picture with him in Chi-town!

  4. SuperBabe says:

    1. Healthy choices – Fruit and hard-boiled eggs.
    2. Temptations – Bagels with lots of cream cheese (but they are oh-so delicious!)

  5. Coco says:

    I wish Starbucks sold little tubs of peanut butter! That said, this afternoon I got one of their Bistro Boxes and saved the PB for tomorrow's oatmeal. 😉

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