Going On The Road Without Going Off Your Fitness Progam

I am on my third out-of-town trip in so many weeks. It is harder to keep up with my fitness routine and keep my diet goals in sight when I’m traveling, but it can be done. Here are my top 5 tips:

  1. Book a hotel with a fitness room. I have been pleasantly surprised by the equipment that even more “budget-oriented” hotels offer (like BestWestern and Hampton Inn). They may only have a few machines, but if you hit the gym early in the day, you probably will have it all to yourself.
  2. Bring workout clothes even if you don’t think your hotel has a gym. If the weather is nice and the area is safe, you might at least be able to get in a walk. (Although I run outside without fear on my home turf, I am very reluctant to run outside in a strange city. Ask the front desk/concierge if the area is safe or invite a family member/friend/colleague to join you.)
  3. Pack an exercise DVD that you can do in your room–a yoga DVD is a nice way to unwind (literally) after a long day travelling.
  4. Pack snacks. I always throw several crunchy granola bars (Kashi or Cliff), Cliff Chocolate Brownie Z-Bars, and 100-calorie packs of almonds in my bag. This has saved me from needing to get fast food at the airport or give in to heavy appetizers at a work function. You also can pack instant oatmeal and fix it with hot water from the coffee pot in your hotel room.
  5. Bring water on a road trip and buy water before getting on an airplane. Most hotels charge an exorbitant price for the water bottle they so kindly leave in your room.  Bring your own and refill it at a water fountain or at the cooler at the gym. You can’t bring water through airport security, but you should buy a bottle before you board. Yes, they do serve water on board, but if you are stuck on the tarmac for a while or there is turbulence you may be parched by the time they get to you.

Those are my top 5 tips–what are yours?

Today I had a good workout in the hotel gym. Following my “training plan” for the GW Parkway Classic, I did 30 minutes on the elliptical:

and then my free weights superset routine.  This time I think I remembered everything:

  • dead lifts/overhead press
  • plie squats/tricep dips
  • squats/lateral arm raises
  • lunges/bicep curls
  • push-ups
  • chest flies/crunches

This gym is staffed by a trainer, and he made my day by telling me that I looked like I knew what I was doing with the weights and looked very fit! 😀

Now that I’ve drained my cup of Starbucks Via soon, its time to get dressed, check-out, and head to my meeting.

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8 Responses to Going On The Road Without Going Off Your Fitness Progam

  1. What a big pat on the back to get some kudos from the trainer. Cool! Thanks for the tips, it's really good to remember that you can workout while on the road. I've used a few hotel gyms and it always feels great to get the day started with a workout. Have a good trip.

  2. Another tip: In advance, look for a grocery store that you can go to for fresh fruits and veggies, and if there is a complimentary breakfast at the hotel, skip the pastries. They'll be gross and not worth the calories.

    Finally, many hotels have agreements with local gyms, some of which open very early so that you can go get in a 4:30 am workout.

  3. Kaitlin says:

    Awesome tips! I love packing food and using hotel gyms– they are usually included in your stay anyway. I'm flying out tomorrow, so I'll keep these tips in mind.

    I agree with Victoria– grocery shopping for a few essentials can save tons of $$ and be healthier meals than hitting up to-go options!

    • Coco says:

      Even when the hotel gym costs extra I will pay for it, but it burns me up that our work travel policy will NOT cover that, although it will reimburse me for whatever cr@p I order at the hotel bar.

      Have a safe trip!

  4. steena says:

    I have run in a foreign city to me, it was exhilerating! If your hotel is on a main road just run up it and back, don't turn down a side road, you can't get lost1
    Great tips, traveling is very difficult for a healthy person! I'm the same, i bring healthy snacks, sometimes even a can of soup because the hotels have a microwave.
    That's great you're able to still make working out a priority during travel, travel can be exhausting!

  5. Sheri says:

    Great job that is tough when you travel a lot to keep up with your daily workouts and eating regiment!

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