The Pay-Off

This morning I had an awesome run. The weather was perfect for a fall run–sunny and in the low 40s. I was comfortable in a long-sleeved tech shirt, shorts, headband and gloves. The neighborhood hills were calling my name, so I opted for one of my hilly neighborhood loops. The worst hill (I call it Heart Attack Hill) comes at the end of the first mile, but every mile has at least one hill that takes my breath away.

I felt strong as I started out. I know the cool air was helping my pace, but I was suprised when I crested Heart Attack Hill and hit mile 1 at 9:50. Mile 2 starts with a long downhill stretch, but then has a long climb. My time for mile 2 was 9:15, which was too fast for a hilly training run. The rest of my miles were closer to 9:35, which is faster than my usual training pace has been, but felt good–a comfortable effort, but not too hard. I hit mile 7 just after I got back to my neighborhood, and decided to add a loop to finish at 7.5 miles.

I love it when everything comes together for a glorious run. Good weather usually has something to do with it, as does a good night’s sleep. I also think that some of my long-term efforts are paying off. I can tell that my strength training is making my legs stronger and helping my ITB. I’m sure yoga also is helping, although I think I need the yoga to counter-balance my all day desk-sitting more than my running. Either way, the twists and hip-openers feel so good. Even my eating habits have been pretty good lately–I’ve worked in daily doses of dark chocolate without pigging out on Halloween candy and survived an unexpected week-long visit from my mother-in-law without trying to hide in a bag of chips. My weight seems to be hovering a few pounds lower than it has been for ages, and I can tell the difference in my running. (At 5’1″ every pound counts!)

Realizing that all of these efforts are paying off gives me more motivation to keep them up. This is especially important as we head into winter, with its dark, cold mornings and constant march of food-focused celebrations. I can count on my fitness routine and good nutrition to keep me one step ahead of the hectic holidays.

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8 Responses to The Pay-Off

  1. mercade says:

    I like those great runs! They don't happen often for me as I have 2 beagles that can't ever seem to sleep all the way through the night without a potty break!

    What type of yoga do you do? I am also a desk-sitter at work and have really tight hamstrings. I've never really taken to yoga that well and have recently found the Shiva Rea is great for me as I am not all that flexible and have a hard time with a lot of the poses from other yoga instructors I've tried and would love your input!

    • Coco says:

      Oh, how old are your beagles? My beloved beagle (Sally) lost a battle with lymphoma in September. She was 12, so she lived a good life.

      I resisted yoga too, but always like Beth Shaw's YogaFit program and have just discovered Rodney Yee. I have his AM yoga DVD that has 5 different 20 min programs. I don't think I'll even try the "backbends" one, but the other programs are very do-able.

  2. iRun2BeFit says:

    I agree, perfect weather can really make a run. Though getting through a cold,wet,rainy, or snowy run always feels more victorious.
    Glad that things are coming together for ya.

  3. Wow! That's so cool! Isn't it fun when something is a bit easier and we weren't even expecting it? I'm so happy for you! I'm not a jogger – more of a wogger – taking my time in C25K – and I have definitely charted a "flat" route **winks**. But one of these days……

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