Band Of Brothers

I got my Jawbone UP® personal activity tracker in November, and I’ve worn it every day since.

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Click the image to see the Jawbone UP® via my Amazon affiliate link.

Sometimes I wear it on its own.

Jawbone UP

 Sometimes I pair it with a bracelet or two.

UP + Bracelet

 I’ve worn it to client meetings, when I’m speaking at conferences, and even to church.

Among my fitness-minded friends in the Facebook/Twitterverse/Blogosphere, personal activity trackers are fairly common, but that’s not the case in my work environment. Last week I had to explain to a client what the Jawbone UP® does, and he was more appalled than intrigued by the idle alarm that I hold so dear!

So, when I am in a client meeting or legal conference and notice someone wearing one of these devices, I really notice. I identify them as a person who cares about their health and well-being, and immediately like them for at least that reason. I haven’t used “How many steps have you taken today?” as an icebreaker, but at my next big conference, where we usually wonder how many miles we’ve logged traversing the vast exhibit hall, I may not be able to resist.

Have you noticed more people wearing personal activity trackers? 

If you have one, do you wear it everywhere?

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9 Responses to Band Of Brothers

  1. Carla says:

    I LOVE my FORCE and yet? Im drawn to the look of the up.
    good thing Im too cheap to buy one as for me it’s all about the color.
    I want the orange!!!
    Carla recently posted…Ending the glorification of BUSY.My Profile

  2. I haven’t tried that one yet. I bought the polar loop a few weeks ago after I saw lots of positive comments about it. I wanted to track my sleep as well. I’m not really in love with it. I must be doing something wrong bc it is not picking up all of my activity. Perhaps I will switch to that one.
    Deborah Brooks @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…Spring Clean(ER) Eating & Amazing recipes you have to tryMy Profile

  3. YES I really have! I see people wearing them all over the place. I think it’s great!
    Kammie @ Sensual Appeal recently posted…Green Tea Sugar-Free PopsiclesMy Profile

  4. Tamara says:

    Yes! I am now the proud owner of a Samsung Gear Fit (as well as a Galaxy S5 mobile phone, with which it syncs!).
    Many of my clients wear trackers and it makes for a great discussion point during their warmups. We talk about what they’re learning about their movement patterns and health and incorporate activity tracker goals in their weekly homework assignments.
    Tamara recently posted…The benefits of active rest | what it is and why you need more of itMy Profile

  5. Yes. I have noticed a LOT more people wearing trackers… mainly on their wrist. I think it is great (more people aware of how often/little they move).

    I don’t have a wrist tracker (yet) but have heard great things about jawbone!
    rachel @RunningRachel recently posted…6 Reasons You Should Volunteer at RacesMy Profile

  6. I have one too! Mine is turquoise and I love it! Although I have to admit I started slacking off wearing mine when I was training this winter because it was not comfortable under all of the bulky layers. Where I live this trend does not seem to have taken off just yet but I do like mine and am now inspired to go charge it up and put it on! I especially love the sleep monitoring function.
    Sandra Laflamme recently posted…Stonyfield Organic Yogurt Pouches are here!My Profile

  7. Kim says:

    I have the Fitbit Force and I do wear it all the time – like you I pair it with jewelry if I’m more dressed up and the rest of the time it is by itself.
    I feel like I have to wear it because steps don’t count if they aren’t tracked!!! (just kidding)
    Kim recently posted…Driving and Running, Business and Sleeping, Babies and BloggingMy Profile

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