What I Ate Wednesday (The Danish Food Edition)

I rarely remember to take pictures of all my meals for a real “What I Ate Wednesday” post, but last week when I traveled to Denmark, I actually remembered to take pictures of all the Danish food I ate on Wednesday!

WIAW Danish Food via Got2Run4Me

I ate breakfast at the airport in Frankfurt, but the airport and train station bakeries all over Europe seem to offer similar choices: massive pastries or savory sandwiches.

WIAW Danish Food

savory breakfast sandwich

Since I was not in the mood for a sugar rush or crash + burn later, I opted for a savory sandwich. The whole grain bread with nuts and seeds looked delicious, and the egg, turkey and cheese had real staying power.

Even though I’d been up for two hours, I hadn’t had any coffee yet, so I ordered a “grosse kaffee.” They showed me their “extra large” mug, and it looked like it would do the trick.

WIAW Danish Food

“extra large” kaffee

By lunch time I was in Copenhagen, and had worked up an appetite getting from the airport to my hotel and orienting myself for my afternoon meeting. I studied the menu on the street for A Hereford Beefstouw, and was debating between a salad with a baked potato or a burger and “frites.” Once I sat down and smelled other hot lunches cooking, there was only one thing that would do!

WIAW Danish Food

hamburger and frites

Dinner was a real treat, as a friend who lives in Copenhagen had invited me over, and she and her husband prepared a gourmet meal showcasing “real” Danish food.

We started off with a soup course.

WIAW Danish food

suppe (with scallops and potatoes)

The main course included cod, new potatoes, and salad.

WIAW Danish Food

fisk, kartofler, and salat

Don’t worry, I had seconds!

For dessert, ice cream and a traditional Danish confection called flødeboller.

WIAW Danish Food

is, flodeboller

So, that was my What I Ate Wednesday of Danish food!

Are you an adventurous eater when you travel?

Do you prefer a sweet or savory breakfast?

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10 Responses to What I Ate Wednesday (The Danish Food Edition)

  1. Carla says:

    I LOVE ME because Im so not all that adventurous in my hood–but when traveling?
    IM IN.
    the husband still shudders but I figure you only live once 🙂
    Carla recently posted…Puffer fish anyone?My Profile

  2. Wow, yummy day! I’ve definitely been into savory breakfast these days, I can’t get enough eggs and avocado.
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted…Fueling with more than foodMy Profile

  3. How awesome to get a home cooked meal! So, what’s in flodeboller? I like a little sweet in my breakfast, but overly sweet will leave me crashing.

    The coffee looks fantastic too!
    Carrie@familyfitnessfood.com recently posted…Bad RunMy Profile

  4. Tamara says:

    Now this is the kind of WIAW post that I can get into!
    I love trying regional foods when I travel and am especially jealous of the coffee and suppe that you enjoyed! Thanks for sharing!
    Tamara recently posted…New to strength training? An at-home beginner workout just for youMy Profile

  5. Kim says:

    All of that looks tasty – so cool that you had friends there and were able to share a meal with them.
    I like sweet breakfasts if it is still early but if I’ve been up awhile then I always go savory!!!
    Kim recently posted…What is Your Cure for Waking Up in a Funk?My Profile

  6. Kierston says:

    I do love trying new foods!
    Kierston recently posted…Practice Breathing More Often…It’s Good For You.My Profile

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