Exploring Different Ways To Pray

Last Sunday was Pentecost, the day we celebrate when the Holy Spirit came down from heaven and empowered the Apostles to follow in Jesus’ footsteps. (You can read the Pentecost story inĀ Acts: 2.) Pentecost often is called the “birthday of the church,” because it marks the beginning of theĀ Apostles’ ministry in the world.

Instead of a sermon, our priests had set up different stations to encourage us to explore different ways to pray and support our church community. Here are some of the things we tried:


Lighting prayer candles.

Prayer Rocks

Casting a burden onto a rock and releasing it into the Baptismal Font.


Using Scrabble tiles to make prayer words.


Making note cards for absent members of our church family.


Making a prayer chain linking with others in prayer to God.

I wish I had more time to fully immerse myself in each activity, but it was a great reminder of the many different ways that we can pray.

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  1. Abby says:

    What a cool idea. I only ever pray at night before bed, or on runs, but I love the idea of praying in different ways.

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