Celebrating National Pet Week

I don’t need National Pet Week to appreciate the joy that Tiger Lilly brings to my life.

Tiger Lilly

According to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington (which runs the shelter where we found our baby girl), the goals of National Pet Week are to promote responsible pet ownership, celebrate the human-animal bond, and promote public awareness of veterinary medicine. You can learn more at the National Pet Week website.

Tiger Lilly makes me smile every day. If I have to pick one thing to tell you about her, it is her insatiable appetite for walks.

Her tail starts wagging in anticipation of her morning walk  as soon as my alarm goes off.

Tiger Lilly + Kinvara4

Are you ready to go yet?

She tries to help by bringing me my shoes.

Tiger Lilly + Dress Shoes

(She hasn’t quite learned the difference between dress shoes and dog walking shoes.)

When I work at home, she gets excited every time I get up from my computer,
refill my water bottle, or take a step towards the front door.

Tiger Lilly Waiting

She waits patiently, but her pitiful face tells me it’s time for a walk break!

Do you have a pet?

Please consider supporting my fundraising efforts for the American Heart Association. 
You can learn why this cause is so close to my heart here.

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8 Responses to Celebrating National Pet Week

  1. Beth says:

    Yay TL!!! I so enjoy TL's exuberance for a walk, and walking with her 🙂

  2. Miz says:

    <3 <3
    we are in the process of trying to find a rescue do which works for our family. I SO MISS MY CANINES.

  3. Tiff says:

    Awww, she's precious! I have two kitties, and I love them dearly. It's really kind of funny how different the two are; they crack me up.

  4. Carrie says:

    Love her. I love that she just brings you a shoe, doesn't matter which. But my favorite picture is the last one – if that doesn't make you want to take her for a walk, nothing will.

    I love my rescue pets – they each have their issues, but don't we all?

  5. How did I not know about this?!

  6. Elle says:

    Sadly, no pets in my life at the moment, but I have lots of doggies I greet daily on my runs and walks, and the past 3 winters we house/kitty sat for 2 very precocious felines!

    I think your Tiger Lilly is lovely and I am glad you found each other. Nothing quite like the unconditional one shares with a loved doggie friend.

  7. yumyucky says:

    haha! that pic of Tiger Lily with her momma's shoe.

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