Healither Ways Of Coping With Stress

This week at work is very stressful. There is a big deadline on Friday that affects my whole department, because a significant aspect of patent law changes on Saturday, and many clients want to do things this week to be grandfathered in under the current law. As much as we’ve tried to plan ahead and work ahead, there is a lot to be done by midnight local time on Friday.

midnight clockAs I got ready to face the week, I realized how much my ways of coping with stress have changed. In my “before” days–and even in the beginning of my “after” days–a week like this  would have had me abandoning any efforts to keep up with my fitness routine. But now I know that physical exercise is essential to my mental well-being. The hour I spend working out will pay me back with interest in my ability to be productive and handle the stress at work. No amount of Starbucks can wake me up and get me going as much as a good run does!

track runnerI also might have used work deadlines as an excuse to rely on pizza and take-out to get through the week. But now I know that I will perform better at work if I fuel my body with nutritious foods. I made sure to stock up on healthy but quick things I can eat at the office (frozen entrees, pumpkin seeds, fruit) and did some cooking ahead on Sunday night so I will have some “real” food to eat when I get home late.

Case of Chobani

This gift from Chobani could not have come at a better time!

I’m not saying that I won’t be making extra trips to Starbucks, or that I won’t decide that I need a few Do-Si-Dos to get through the day, but I won’t be relying 100% on caffeine and sugar to get through the week!

Wonder Woman Mug

Bring it!

How do you prepare for a stressful week?

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8 Responses to Healither Ways Of Coping With Stress

  1. I love that mug! Where did you get it? It would be perfect for my early morning tea fueled blogging sessions. 🙂 Hang in there, this too shall pass.

  2. Carrie says:

    Wonder Woman for sure! Good luck with the hectic week.

    I find that in my busy week, I'm giving up things in order to get in my workouts. Sometimes the workouts are shorter, but they still happen for sure.

  3. cupcakekelly says:

    I make sure I get in a quick workout, at least a quick walk. Getting some air always helps.

  4. chobaniamy says:

    Enjoy your cups!!

  5. christineyu69776410 says:

    That's an awesome mug. I can totally commiserate. It's a bad week for me too and well, my stress-coping habits have fallen toward not so healthy this time around. I do try to get my workout in but I've been stress eating. No good!! I'm glad that you are prepared. Just a few more days!

  6. Donny says:

    I have to admit, when I have a stressful day, I usually use it as an excuse to get an ice cream – just so SOMETHING good comes out of the day. Really poor habit I need to get out of; either that or find an alternative that is just as good. The only problem is the ice cream is SO GOOD in South America – not much will substitute.

  7. Hillary says:

    I love Chobani yogurt, it's a part of a smoothie every single day!!

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