Packing My Suitcase–First Things First

I didn’t have much time to bask in the glory of my Army Ten Miler results before I had to head to New York City for a conference. I knew my schedule on Sunday would be tight, so I did most of my packing on Saturday.

I hate packing because I hate having to decide what to wear in advance. Will it be hot? Will the meeting room be freezing? How casual is “business casual” at this event? Will those pants make me feel fat or fabulous?

I always know that I will want workout clothes, so those go in my suitcase first.


I take the same approach when I plan out my days. I usually exercise first thing in the morning, so it’s the first thing I pack into my day. On days when that’s not possible, I try to figure out another place in my schedule where I can fit my exercise time.

For this trip, I hit the hotel gym at o’dark-thirty on Monday.


(Is that random pot of bamboo stalks supposed to add some zen
to that cluttered corner of the gym?)

On the other hand, I made Tuesday a rest day–with a 5:45 am departure for an 8:00 am flight, a 6 pm conference call, and a full day of work in between, my schedule was bulging beyond capacity. While I couldn’t squeeze a workout into that oversized bag, I know that once I am home, my exercise routine will be the first thing that I unpack.

What is the first that you put in your suitcase?  

How far in advance do you start packing for a trip?

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2 Responses to Packing My Suitcase–First Things First

  1. Interesting reflection. I have to pack a lot, but I never know what's the first thing to pack. I always make a list. But, it should reflect my priorities. A lot of time I pack my "emergency" snacks/meals.

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