Running Any Day Of The Month

This is not a sponsored post, but it should be. At least then you might understand why I am writing about feminine hygiene products. 😉

Since I am a pre-menopausal woman and a runner, I sometimes run at an inconvenient time of the month. I am lucky that I don’t get cramps that keep me sidelined–and my family is lucky that I can get a dose of endorphins to counteract those moody hormones! Although that time of the month makes running more complicated, I have found two products that help keep me running any day of the month, even when Aunt Flo is visiting.

The first product is the Tampax® Compak line. As described on the website, they are full-sized (with a full-sized plastic applicator), but packaged in about half the size. They are small enough so that I can fit several in my fuel belt pocket, and I even can tuck one in that little pocket that is built into most of my running shorts.

The second product is Always Feminine Wipes in the individually wrapped packaging. These are useful anytime of the month, and especially good to have on hand if you have to brave the port-a-pottys before a race. They also are small enough to fit in a fuel belt pocket and I probably could squeeze one into that small shorts pocket.

Does your period interfere with your fitness routine?

What euphemism do you use to refer to TTOM?

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8 Responses to Running Any Day Of The Month

  1. It's always an inconvenience, isn't it! But we deal and we're strong and we push through! Take that Aunt Flo!

  2. Wow – brave post topic! Yes, mine does. Because I have a HUGE fibroid that actually makes my uterus like that of a "several months pregnant" woman and so TTOM is a lot less convenient than it used to be, pre-fibroid.

  3. Fancy Nancy says:

    I try not to let it interfere….however I know it is always going to in one way or another! Now that I'm 7 months pregnant, I've been enjoying not having to deal with it!!

  4. nhrunner says:

    Karen, I had a fibroid too.. and periods were worse for it!! Now that I am 57 that all is SO much easier 🙂 But no Coco, I never let it interfere, it was just a huge inconvenience!

  5. Thankfully I've never been sidelined by Aunt Flo. It stinks but we are all tough chicks who can persevere! 😉

  6. bFIT4Lifer says:

    I feel ya. I workout and I too am grateful that I don't get cramps. My last flow was shorted I guess that is a good sign.

  7. David H. says:

    I feel so well informed now. Thank you. 😉

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