With One Arm Tied Behind Her Back!

While I was basking in the glow of my Cherry Blossom 10 Miler PR, I learned that there was one other woman at work who ran the race. This surprised me, because she recently was in a bicycling accident and is recovering from a broken shoulder and other serious injuries. She told me that in the days leading up to the race she was getting really disappointed at the thought of missing it because she had been seeded–she is the type of runner that actually wins races–and she finally decided to just “jog” the course.

Map of course showing selected leaders

Being the curious person that I am, I dashed back to my desk to look up her finish time. I was not surprised to learn that her “jog” was faster than my PR, and had to laugh when I realized that she had beaten me with one arm tied behind her back immobilized in a shoulder brace!

Her accomplishment did not burst the bubble of my PR, but is a good reminder of why you have to run your own race.

Do you compare yourself to other runners?

Have you ever been mad because someone beat you?

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10 Responses to With One Arm Tied Behind Her Back!

  1. Miz says:

    runners? no (shocking I realize :)) but LIFTERS?
    and mainly the men 🙂

  2. Carrie says:

    So funny – I would have totally looked up her finishing time, too.

    And then probably had the exact same mental conversation.

    Although I love talking to super fast people. They're just awesome.

  3. SuperBabe says:

    I do compare myself to other runners but only for motivation, and even then, I don't go too crazy. Case in point; last year when running the city's half marathon, at some point I noticed there was a woman who would pass me running, then I would pass her walking (she was running/walking the whole thing); after about 10 of these exchanges, and because I needed the extra motivation, I decided she was not going to pass me again… so I picked up the pace and she didn't pass me again 🙂

    That said, I wouldn't really compare myself to someone who I *know* is super fast… I would just be in awe and that's it 🙂

    I was mad the last (and only) time I did a triathlon; there was a 77 year old man that I couldn't catch up to in the running part… he beat me by 15 seconds!!!

  4. Mary says:

    I try not to compare myself to other runners – I know everyone's race is his/her own and they may have struggles where I have advantages. That said, my boyfriend started running after we met and we've raced together twice, he's beat me by less than a minute each time. I'd love to clock in before him just once!

  5. Coco says:

    One of my favorite race statistics was that I beat 64% of the men!

  6. Coco says:

    I bet you will!

  7. Coco says:

    I've gotten into those mid-race battles too, but usually not until the final stretch!

  8. wow… I'm amazed by people's dedication
    I don't know if I'll ever be that tough or determined… around physical stuff any way 🙂

  9. FindingMyHappyPace says:

    I subscribe to you and did not get the e-mail today! WordPress failed!
    Um, yes, I'm a bad, horrible comparerererererrr. But I think you know that.
    But nice post, good message, I'll TRY to think of that tomorrow during my 1/2.

  10. Matthew says:

    I’m guilty of it, but also know that my age group is so tough that I’ll never be placing any time soon….unless I find a really small local race. haha

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