Third Time’s The (Chocolate) Charm

For the last three years, my son has had a wrestling tournament in Richmond, Virginia.

For the last three years, we’ve gone down early to beat the horrible traffic that clogs I-95S on a Friday afternoon.

For the last three years, we’ve spent the afternoon in a quaint part of Richmond called Carytown.

So why did it take three years for us to venture into this store?

For The Love Of Chocolate

Sure, it’s in a section of the block that looks like a run-down strip mall past its prime, but I don’t know why the name didn’t draw me in before. 

We finally ventured in this year, and were astounded (and nearly overwhelmed) by the size, selection, and quality of their merchandise.

We of course got some fine chocolate.

But we also found some fun candy:

Jelly Belly Jelly Bean Chocolate Dips - Orange - 2.8 Oz Bag (Pack of 12)

The Easter Bunny is welcome to bring me more of these jelly beans!

If you’re running the Richmond marathon or half marathon in the fall, you may want to plan a visit to Carytown. 🙂

Have you ever overlooked a local treasure?

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5 Responses to Third Time’s The (Chocolate) Charm

  1. How awesome did the store smell? (taken out of context, that sounds quite odd)

  2. Oh that store looks too tempting!!

  3. Victoria says:

    Dolfin is good stuff, so if they carry that, they're on top of the real goods. WHY did I not know about this place when I ran Richmond in November?

    I want to try those chocolate dipped Jelly Bellies – I've seen them at the grocery store – but fear that "try" would mean "eat the entire bag in 45 minutes."

  4. katefsummers says:

    I have to get down there!

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